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Skin: Acne, Eruptions, Fungus, Splinters, Scar Tissue • Sinus Congestion • Constipation *
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Invisible Fieldset
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Quick Overview

Silicon dioxide? It is actually quartz and is just as important to our skin, nails and structural make-up as it is for plant stems and trees that need it to stand upright. On studying the cell salt Silica, Dr. W. H. Scheussler found it helps the body expel or root out congestions and irritants, especially in weakened tissues or individuals. In skin applications, Silica helps the body eliminate splinters, acne, eruptions, corns and fungus issues such as athlete’s foot. For other systems, Silica helps our efforts to clear out sore throats, mature coughs, sinus and ear congestion as well as constipation with follow-up diarrhea. Other diverse symptoms that indicate its use include: nervous irritability, timidity, fatigue, a lack of vital heat; weakness in ankles, weakness in ankles, pale skin, hair and nails; a tendency to feel better with warmth and much worse in a cold draft.

Silica or Silicea (silicon dioxide / rock crystals)

Developed by the founder of the biochemic cell salts, Dr. Scheussler, and made from rock crystal/quartz, Silica’s source provides the strength in straw, plant stems, sponges, feathers, hair, skin, nails, bone surfaces and other tissues.  Nicknamed the ‘grit’ cell salt, Silica’s strengthening action helps the body relieve many conditions that need strength, cleansing or purging, especially in weakened individuals and disorders.
     When weak or overtaxed cleansing systems cause skin and minor glandular symptoms, Silica can help the body clear out many issues. In the skin, it helps clear symptoms of acne, splinters, sores, corns, scar tissue, tooth pain, athlete’s foot and toenail fungus.

   It has proven very supportive in helping sore throats and eye irritations. The cold symptoms it treats best have sinus and ear congestion with dry, crusty or blocked nasal passages and hammering, headaches with a burning sensation. When a winter cough will not go away, Silica might be just the solution to clear out thick yellow mucus.
     Of course Silica’s purging action applies to its digestive uses as well when constipation with much straining leads to smelly flatulence and eventually diarrhea. If poor assimilation of nutrients leads to improper nutrition, it offers gentle healing support.
     The key to Silica’s deepest uses is a want of grit. It offers the most benefit to individuals with some or all of these symptoms: nervous irritability, timidity, fear of public speaking, exam nerves, fear of needles; weak ankles, pale skin, fatigue, a lack of vital heat, and weak hair and nails. Its offers the most benefit to patients who are concerned about their image (what people think). Though naturally chilly, they perspire (cheesey smelling). People needing Silica most feel better in a warm room with a warm hat on, and much worse in a cold draft.

Keynotes Skin, weak skin, Acne, Sores, Splinters, Scar Tissue, corns, athlete's foot, smelly feet, foot odor, skin irritation, rashes, Sinus Congestion, sinus pain, Constipation, sinus headaches, ear congestion, ear pain, brittle nails, pale, fatigue, chilliness, weak hair, perspiration, colds, nasal congestion, flatulence, gas, cough, nervous irritability, timidity, eye ducts, toenail fungus
Homeopathic Ingredients  
Brand 1-800 Homeopathy
Product Type Cell Salt Single Remedy
Insights from the Experts
The patient is often refined, delicate, sensitive and yielding. Generally speaking the emotional level is fairly well-balanced in Silica patients except for problems with self-esteem. The self-confidence of the patient is often very poor. The patient may complain of some mental dullness and a feeling of inefficiency. He feels uncertain of his abilities and doubts all of his work. This feeling causes him to dwell compulsively on small details.
–Roger Morrison,
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