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Colds, Coughs & Hayfever • PMS & Moodiness• Restless Sleep • Car Sickness • Headaches *
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Quick Overview

This comprehensive cold, nerve and PMS remedy specializes in affectionate, clingy, sometimes moody children or adults who hate hot stuffy rooms and crave fresh open air. It speeds healing of cold, flu and hay fever symptoms with stubborn night coughs. It can quickly ease car sickness and painful indigestion from rich foods. For women it helps balance PMS, mood swings, irregular late periods, pain, cramps and nervous headaches. Other characteristics include anxious dreams, restlessness and a constant need for sympathy and fresh air.

Pulsatilla nig (wind flower anemone)

The pink flower that gives us this remedy is perfect for the character it mends. Whenever you read about Pulsatilla, a specific personality shows up, something like ‘soft, gentle, mild, affectionate, as well as clingy, weepy, moody, sometimes childish’. The most important aspects of Pulsatilla are a deep need for security with fear of abandonment, and ever changing moods and symptoms. It helps children who need constant attention, who cannot make decisions and are usually capable of manipulation and irritability to get the reassurance they need. They want to please and be pleased in return. They may cling to parents and teachers, and resent new siblings. Changes in family or social life can set off many insecurities and symptoms. If religion is their security, they will cling to it zealously. Though usually female, it can be a helpful remedy for gentle boys and men.
     Regardless of the full time personality, it can bring much needed relief to cold, flu, hay fever and allergy sufferers with ripe yellow mucus, wearying night coughs that force the cougher to sit up, burning eyes, dry sore throats and thirstless, chilly fevers that cannot stand external heat.
     Its digestive applications are ripe with the fermentation of rich fatty foods causing painful indigestion, rumbling gas, bitter belching and heartburn. Car and motion sickness are common to Pulsatilla, especially if the window must come down to let in the fresh air they crave.
     For girls and women, Pulsatilla addresses the whole range of hormonal issues from PMS to hot flashes. Its PMS is full of cramps, dull aching pain and milky discharge with back pain before typically late irregular periods. It can be critical to young girls weakened by puberty. It is in our Midwifery Kits for its several applications during pregnancy and childbirth, especially weak labor pains.
     Other symptoms include: shifting leg pains and swollen joints; sleepiness during the day, and anxious restless dreams at night; eye irritation with thick discharge and inflamed eyelids; ear pain and congestion; and acne in young girls. Pulsatilla ailments hate a hot stuffy room and crave fresh open air which is one of the few things that relieves its nervous headache pressing in the forehead and on one side. Whatever the ailment or person, a need for sympathy and fresh air always points to Pulsatilla.

Keynotes Colds, Coughs, Night Coughs, Yellow mucus, Hay fever, Allergies, Fever, Chilly fever, Ear congestion, Sore throat, Burning eyes, Headache, Indigestion, Gas, Bitter belching, Heart burn, Motion sickness, Car Sickness, PMS, Moodiness, Mood Swings, Craves fresh air, Craves sympathy, Fainting, Female, Woman, Women, Affectionate, Clingy, Weepy, fearful, Sleeplessness, Restless anxiety, Acne
Homeopathic Ingredients  
Brand 1-800 Homeopathy
Product Type Single Remedy
From the Experts:
“These are gentle, mild, yielding individuals... They are highly emotional with surprising mood swings, weeping one moment, irritable the next and then full of anxiety. Because of their dependency, the opinions of others are terribly important to them and they worry about this. There is a tendency to claustrophobia.”
–Miranda Castro, Homeopathic Guide to Stress