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PMS and Painful Periods

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PMS and Painful Periods


Offers natural, temporary relief from a range of menstrual pain and irritation symptoms. *
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Quick Overview

Women too often suffer from the mixed messages of monthly hormones. This natural option offers temporary relief from diverse symptoms, including: bearing down pain, a bloated feeling, weakness, joint pain, breast pain, cramps, dryness, headaches and moodiness.  Of course, this formula is not for expectant moms or for cases which run beyond the limitaions of self care.

The three single remedy ingredients in this formula offer balancing support and relief for a range of PMS and menstrual pains from bearing down pains to profuse or scanty periods with shooting, sudden or severe cramping pains.
• Pulsatilla - painful cramps, achey late periods with backache, nervous headaches and considerable moodiness.
• Caulophyllum - periods cause a full congested feeling, weakness and breast pain, plus an increased irritation of achey joints.
• Viburnum - cramps that extend to the thighs and the lowest abdominal region, bearing down pains, late scanty periods, and nausea.

Because it includes Caulophyllum, which is known to help encourage labor in late pregnancies, this is not a remedy for expecting mothers.

Homeopathic Ingredients: Caulophyllum, Pulsatilla, Viburnum op

Homeopathic Ingredients Caulophyllum, Pulsatilla, Viburnum op
Brand 1-800 Homeopathy
Product Type Combination Remedy