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Ruta grav

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Ruta grav


#1 for Sprains & Repeat Injury Effects • Eyestrain • Backache • Wrist Pain • Cartilage & Tendons *
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4 Review(s)
Invisible Fieldset
Size & PotencyPriceQty
6x 500 Tablets $9.95
30x 500 Tablets $9.95
30c 160 Pellets $9.95
200c 160 Pellets $9.95

Customer Reviews

  1. Made my Dad a believer Review by Linda
    Overall Rating

    My 78 year old dad is now a homeopathy believer. RutaGrav helped him get over the pain of a herniated disc. (Posted on 6/12/15)

  2. Ruta for my dog Review by april
    Overall Rating

    My dog has arthritis in the hips. She was on some powerful pain killers 3 times a week we had to give it to her. I decided to try this. She's off the pain killers. She gets up in the morning much better than she ever has. She hops around so much better and she's so much happier. I give her the 200c every day and she's doing fantastic. Her hind legs still falls every so often but going up the stairs she hasn't fallen like she was doing even on the pain killers. I'm amazed and i'm super happy to have her off the pain killers which wasn't good for her liver. She's 15 years old. She still goes out with me to feed the horses. She looks like a little fox running around out there.

    From 1-800 Homeopathy - Please note that daily doses of 200c potency are not standard practice, however, we're very glad the remedy is working for you and your "pup". (Posted on 7/28/11)

  3. Use with confidence Review by Jimmie
    Overall Rating

    I am comfortable using this remedy when I don't get relief from lower back pain with rhus tox. I am inclined to use it when the weather is damp. (Posted on 5/18/11)

  4. Suprising not what I ordered it for. Review by
    Overall Rating

    Got the 12x disolving tablets.
    I ordered this for tendinitis of the elbows and shoulder.
    Although it may be helping my elbows and shoulder. I am not sure.
    But what I have discovered is that I have been taking Relpax 40mg for Migraine headaches which I have had for many years. I have had 1 in the past 2 weeks plus, since I have been taking this Ruta Grav 12x And I think it is only because I ate peanut butter a migraine trigger. Normally I would take around 20 Relpax 40mg pills per month. That equals out to around 4 pills a week.
    It has been only 2 weeks since I have started taking the Ruta Grav 12x
    But I think this is not only helping but may be the reason I am not getting Migrains to this point anymore.
    I am going to keep on taking this Ruta Grav 12x for the time being. I will give this at least a 6 month trial. And get back to you on how it works for me..
    Though at this time I do not endorse this for everyone, It does work for me..

    Will get back to you in the future
    M J M

    (Posted on 8/24/10)

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