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Hemorrhoids #61

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Hemorrhoids #61


Three phase action eases hemorrhoid pain, supports elasticity and relieves constipation. *
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Invisible Fieldset
500 Tablets
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Quick Overview

When veins are stressed or tired, they lose their bounce-back-ability and give us hemorrhoids. This unique formula is packed with the elasticity cell salt, plus remedies to relieve symptoms of pain, irritation and the constipation that aggravates hemorrhoid tissues. FYI: Don’t be surprised if other veins improve, too– homeopathy is an equal opportunity supporter.

Please note: In this classic formula you can find much relief, but severe hemorrhoids need professional attention.

This formula's ingredients offer support a range of hemorrhoidal symptoms.
• Aesculus hip - Helps painful bleeding hemorrhoids accompanied by sharp shooting pains that may extend up the back; it can also ease constipation especially if the rectum has a “full of sticks” sensation.
• Calcarea fluoricum - The cell salt for elasticity of circular tissue is very helpful for hemorrhoids, particularly when anus is painful, itchy and fissured.
• Bryonia alb - Helps by softening large dry stools, easing constipation and/or calming burning diarrhea that can encourage and irritate hemorrhoids.
With #61 you will find much relief, but severe hemorrhoids need professional attention.

Homeopathic Ingredients: Aesculus hip, Bryonia, Calcarea fluor

Homeopathic Ingredients Aesculus hip, Bryonia, Calcarea fluor
Brand 1-800 Homeopathy
Product Type Combination Remedy