Aconitum nap (Aconite)

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Sudden Cold Symptoms • Restlessness • Effects of Fright • Fear & Anxious Thoughts • Headaches • Occasional Sleeplessness

Aconitum can be an asset for effects of both frights and sudden colds. Does that make sense? Absolutely! When susceptible, an accident or fright will upset our whole nervous systems causing the very symptoms Aconitum can help calm: restless fear, worry, anxious thoughts, anxious dreams and restless sleep. Similarly, when cold winds, fright or anger increase our susceptibility to colds and other ailments, Aconitum can help relieve a range of symptoms including sudden cold or hay fever symptoms (sniffles, sneezing, sore throat), ear pain, bursting headaches, abdominal pain or minor vertigo. Aconitum applies to a range of issues when fearful restlessness is present in some way, even if it’s just the fear that a cold is coming. Tingling burning sensations, minor vertigo and overly sensitive senses also mark its use. Fresh air and company ease symptoms, while warm rooms, night and cold wind aggravate. Best taken ASAP at the initial phase of illness!



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Aconitum is made from the plant Monkshood, aka, Friar's cap, Helmet flower, or Wolfsbane

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Homeopathic Ingredients Aconite
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