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Occasional Sleeplessness • Fatigue, Debility & Recovery • Nervous Headaches • Hangovers

Too tired to sleep? Consider Avena. Not all remedies are from toxic or seemingly aggravating sources. Made from a wild oat, this remedy’s description is not unlike your mother’s explanation for why you should eat your oatmeal. Avena sativa offers a fortifying boost when you are feeling weak, distracted and agitated. When a mentally stressful day, recovery from illness, excessive worrying or alcohol consumption leads toward occasional sleeplessness, poor concentration, headaches and fatigue, this very gentle remedy offers calming, soothing, supportive relief. Its occipital headaches are marked by a deep aching pain and a burning sensation. These may be particularly strong in the hangovers Avena relieves.

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 Avena sativa (common oat)

"Has a selective action on brain and nervous system, favourably influencing their nutritive function." - Frans Vermeulen, Concordant Materia Medica

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