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Contrary Irritability • Gas & Colic • Colds & Coughs • Pain • Restless Sleep

NOT JUST FOR KIDS! This favorite for soothing young folks can help all ages especially when contrary irritability needs an off switch. Contrary, snappish irritable attitudes, stubborn anger, whining restlessness, anxious dreams and restless sleep at any age often find a calmer perspective with this classic remedy. Young children needing Chamomilla want to be carried; they demand and then reject toys, have temper tantrums, and are overly sensitive to every pain. Chamomilla's cold symptom pattern includes a very irritating habit of waking the sufferer up just when you think he/she might finally sleep. The nose runs, throat feels plugged and hoarse, and hawking congestion matures into a dry cough with tightness and rattling in the chest.  Chamomilla is tops for soothing young children’s symptoms of tummy aches, oral pain and green diarrhea; plus at all ages: minor fevers, minor ear pain, headaches, diarrhea, gas, and colic. When symptoms of heavy painful cycles are behind their irritability, women will often find Chamomilla quite soothing. Symptoms are worse with anger, at night or in cold dampness and better in warm wet weather and being carried.

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Homeopathy's Chamomilla is made from Wild Chamomile when in flower.

Insights from the Experts:
“This remedy is indicated for anyone who has been in a highly emotional state (typically angry) for some time, becoming oversensitive as a result, either mentally or physically or both– with severe pains that cause more anger.”
   –Miranda Castro,
Homeopathic Guide to Stress

"MIND - Whining, restelssness... Children want to be carried and petted. Child wants many things which he rufuses again. Piteous moaning because he cannot have what he wants." - Robin Murphy, ND  Lotus Materia Medica

Like Cures Like, A Homeopath’s Chamomilla Story

A mom brought her extremely fussy baby to a homeopath in Minneapolis to see if there was any hope for a happier daughter and more sleep for everyone. Chamomilla matched the baby’s contrary irritability, green diarrhea and other symptoms perfectly. On hearing the name, the mom said 'what a coincidence, I drink a cup or two of Chamomile tea each night.' As the baby was breast feeding, homeopathy’s fundamental Like Cures Like principle tells you that this story has a happy ending.The baby took Chamomilla tablets, and because the baby was so sensitive to the Chamomile tea, the mom stopped drinking it every night and everyone found more sleep.

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