Homeopathy can turn back to school stress challenges into opportunities

Back to School, Note Stress!

Every exam, book report or storm has the potential to provoke back to school stress.  The excitement, worry, terror, anger or withdrawal depend on an individual's stress tolerance.  Homeopathy can help us all learn to turn fear into excitement and frustration into opportunity so stress can become a friend not a foe.

Anxious/ Low Spirits #304
Fight, flight or freeze vs. calm down and put your best foot forward. That’s the difference homeopathy can make to the complex chemistry of fear, anticipation, pressure, grief or humiliation. Trusted formula helps us find the best way to ease diverse symptoms including exam nerves, performance frustration, grief and sadness.

Nervousness #4
Some of us cry, some get touchy and others just want to shut out the world. When stresses lead to symptoms of irritability, stubborn disobedience, sadness, listless indifference or occasional sleeplessness, this much loved formula helps the mind and body find better ways to process the strain.

Key Back to School Stress Singes for Exam and Performance Nerves:

Gelsemium - The mind dulls / draws a blank and the stomach flutters; effects of excitement– highs & lows.

Lycopodium - Nervous worry/dread relaxes once in the spotlight; indecision combines with confidence issues.

Best Foot Forward!

Helping kids and young adults find the healthy, healing responses they need to build confidence and resilience is our favorite job. Whether stress is physical or emotional, homeopathy can help our chemistry stay calm and find the best way to utilize its healing resources.

Arnica #1 in First Aid

For its ability to help the body keep bruising, swelling and pain to a minimum, plus speed healing of injuries and muscle aches, Arnica should be in every kit, gym bag, play ground, backpack, etc. This most loved and proven remedy comes in pellets, tablets, ointment and spray forms.

Hyland's Arnicaid - #1 in First Aid Combos - Packs a range of first aid support and pain relief to cover diverse mishaps.

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**Please note: these statements are based upon traditional homeopathic practice. They have not been reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration.

Get Back to School Cold & Allergy Care

Why do some kids sneeze while others cough and wheeze? Whether bacterial, viral or airborne, irritants can set off a range of responses that exceed what is needed to remove or disarm invaders. Homeopathy can streamline the body’s efforts to tackle the problem in more efficient, less messy ways.

Hyland’s Complete Allergy 4 Kids

They don’t have to suffer with indoor/outdoor allergen responses or the drying side effects of anti-histamines. This multitasking, pleasanttasting, sugar-free, liquid formula relieves an array of allergy symptoms.

Sinus #203

Stimulate the body’s natural decongestants and histamines to clear the sinuses of stubborn mucus due to allergies, hay fever, colds or congestions.

Colds #99

KA Hay Fever, Colds, Irritation, etc. Regardless of the cause, this one naturally relieves eye, nose and throat drainage and irritation from the first sign of trouble!