Homeopathic relief from cold weather joint pain symptoms

If you're reading this, chances are you, or someone you know has experienced an increase in joint or muscle pain when the weather changes.  It's also likely that the person experiencing the pain is over 40.  While many complain of arthritis flaring up or joint pain when it rains, it's also true that joint pain can increase when the weather turns cold.  Turns out this relationship between cold weather and joint pain is more than an "old wive's tale."  There is mounting scientific evidence to support the notion.  How?  Cold weather can shrink tissue causing it to pull on nerves and cause pain.  And as we age our connective tissue can become less elastic, suggesting that the older we get, the more we notice it.

What can you do for joint pain in cold weather?  Experts believe that "hydration" and "staying active" are the two important things you can do to lesson, or even avoid joint pain.  Staying adaquetly hydrated keeps the cartilage between the joints moist and soft, while exercising improves flexibility in tendons and ligaments that stiffen or shrink in cold weather.  In addition, there are number of homeopathic remedies to help your body with joint pain, in more ways than one.

 Cold weather joint pain and homeopathy

Rhus tox - Rhus ranks among the best for easing stiff joints with tearing pains, swelling, redness, sprains, etc.. It earned the title “Rusty Gate Remedy” by relieving joint and back pains that hurt on initial movement but improve after limbering up– just like an old gate that squeaks at first but quiets down after a few swings. Also like the rusty gate, these joints do not like cold damp weather– they can be great storm predictors.

Ruta grav - Often referred to as "Arnica for the joints" - Ruta’s backache and joint pain may feel better for gentle movement, but not so much as with Rhus tox’s sore joints. In general Ruta’s pains improve with warmth and worsen with cold, dampness and wind.  Ruta’s mental picture is not a prominent part of its applications, but is recorded as “dissatisfied with himself and others...suspicious, fretful” (Murphy’s Lotus Materia Medica) while others include anger, anxiety and resentment.
In short, Ruta is a must in the kit of every athlete, dancer, typist, waitress etc..

Calc fluor - Restoring elasticity to veins, muscles, skin, bones and other tissues is calcium fluoride’s function and Calc fluor’s specialty. This cell salt aids conditions resulting from inflexible tissue or tissue that cannot bounce back from injury, pregnancy, growing, aging or illness. These include hemorrhoids, varicose veins, stretch marks, growing pains, backache, lumbago, inflamed joints, loose or decaying teeth and weakness in muscular tissue.

Mag phos - If you feel tight, tense, in a knot, then think Mag phos, and relax. An imbalance in our magnesium causes nerves and muscles to get out of sync. They cramp, spasm and shoot off pains. An imbalance in phosphates disturbs our vitality. Found in muscles, nerves, brain tissue, spinal marrow and teeth, the compound magnesium phosphate is vital to proper communication throughout the body. For nerve pain, Mag phos specializes in radiating pains, but applies well to shooting, stabbing pains as well. It can be very useful for stabbing headaches, backache, right-sided sciatic pain, facial nerve pain, toothache, right-sided ear pain, and inflamed, injured or weary nerves.

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Unique homeopathic combinations to address joint & muscle pain symptoms

Rheumatic #14 - Whether suffering a bout of stiffness after a chilling walk or stiff swollen joint pain anytime, this remedy can ease stiffness, pain, cramping, redness and irritation in joints, without the scary side effects typical of NSAIDS. The single remedy ingredients in this combination cover a range of pains and modalities including pains that feel better for gentle motion and worse for any movement and symptoms that come on suddenly or develop slowly. While any bout of stiffness or achiness will enjoy this natural combination, if you suspect rheumatism, a professional consult is advised.

Hyland’s Leg Cramps™ offers a traditional formula for the natural relief of symptoms of cramps and pains in lower back and legs. It can be especially useful if symptoms are made worse by damp weather. Perfectly safe for adults and can be used in conjunction with other medications.

Elastic Tissue G - A combination of the homeopathic cell salts  veins and other tissues need for growth, repair and flexibility.  Includes Calc fluor, Calc phos, Kali phos and Natrum mur.

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