3 foot prints in the sand3 Simple Steps to choosing a single homeopathic remedy for your needs

1. Think about your current symptoms more than diagnoses, e.g., symptoms of ‘bloating, gas, burping after eating’ rather than ‘indigestion’. A minute spent analyzing symptoms and causes before reading the remedies can make a big difference.

2. Look through the applications and characteristics at the top of each description and make a short list of the remedies that apply best. Then read through these remedies to find which one stands out as most similar in nature to your individual symptoms.

3. Take your first dose and relax, knowing:

✔ You cannot do any harm by not making the perfect choice.

✔ The remedy will last a long time for future use.

✔ It only costs pennies per dose.


Single Remedies are Homeopathy’s
Heart & Soul

Single homeopathic remedies are derived from a single source - primarily plant, mineral or chemical. They are the essence of homeopathy and therefore engage all the principles and concepts that make homeopathy a comprehensive system of medicine. Highly multifaceted, most single remedies address a wide array of health issues. We only sell them in potencies that make them safe!

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Please note: these statements are based upon traditional homeopathic practice. They have not been reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration.

Dosing: Frequency vs Quantity!

If you think of it like electricity, then homeopathic dosing makes more sense. It doesn’t matter if the adapter you use is big or small, 12 volts is 12 volts, thus the quantity of tablets you take doesn’t matter much. But, if you get shocked by 12 volts frequently versus once, you’ll feel the difference, thus how often you take a remedy matters more.

Anyway, here's the scoop: Typical dosing advice: Unless the label says otherwise, you pour 3 or 4 pellets or tablets into the lid and flip them under your tongue, i.e., no touching is best. Avoiding food 15 minutes before or after a dose is good too, but don’t delay a needed dose because you just ate. Frequency: You can dose more frequently the more severe the symptoms, even every 5 or 15 minutes for a few doses. Otherwise, 1-3 doses per day, or as needed, is standard for lower potencies.

When symptoms improve, you should stop dosing and trust that your system has the message,especially when working with single remedies and higher potencies. Combinations often call for more frequent dosing than single remedies and lower potency singles call for more dosing than higher potencies. Sometimes it helps to avoid strong coffee, smells and mints, esp. if you think a remedy is not doing all it should.

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