On Homeopathic Cell Salts - You Said It…

Rave reviews reveal interesting applications and insights into just how revitalizing it can be to give your body a homeopathic dose of its own minerals. We hope you enjoy these and the new Cell Salt mailer you should have just received.

What do you have to say about our Homeopathic Cell Salt Combinations?

Tonic Tissue E -
"He uses it to keep himself feeling vibrant, especially since he eats out a lot on the road."
"Have used this tonic several times... esp after illness to get back on my feet… I am an elderly person, and I am VERY thankful for this Tonic."
"I do think it improves my sense of well being."

Sleep Tissue A -
"These have been the only thing that helped me get an almost pain free night in over a month! Also it works great for cramps too."
"Tissue A gives you a wonderful night of rest without that groggy feeling"
"I fall back to sleep quickly and awake without the groggy feeling that most sleep aids leave one with. Usually one dose is all that's required."

Acne Tissue D -
“My skin has not been this clear in years!!!”
“Now each area appears clear and even the small odd bumps on my shoulders have disappeared. The constant oiliness on my face is gone too.”
“the first treatment, after 10 years of searching, that has worked flawlessly and continuously.”

Colds Tissue J -
“Tissue J is the only relief from blocked sinus pain w/ colds. It will drain, drain, drain!!! Get a Kleenex!”

BioplasmaBioplasma -
"I know this is helping me heal faster."
"I was really feeling lethargic and all I wanted to do was sleep but i've noticed a marked difference in my energy already."
"My entire family uses this product, for leg cramps, hiccups, all that can quickly be remedied, by taking just a few tabs."
"Keeps me up & going."
"I absolutely love this product. Any time I start to feel a bit off or under the weather, I take a dose and that usually helps me bounce back right away."

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What You Said about some single Cell Salts

Calc phos - The Building Block Cell Salt
“I have an old knee injury that causes joint pain and stiffness in wet or cold weather, or anytime the knee gets pushed a little too hard. Calc phos helps tremendously. It's also great for that drained, achy, low back pain, low energy state that sometimes comes after spending a lot of time on my feet working.”
“Works well as a restorative, has kept my kids healthy and competing well with ski races”

Ferrum phos - The Iron Cell Salt
“Have used it for 20 years for everything under the sun.”
“Symptoms of sunburns and speed the healing of sports injuries; … colds, flus, … heat and redness of rashes, … dental work, etc. It's a workhorse!”
“My very gentle pick-me-up. What a difference it makes.”
“To eliminate the dark circles under my eyes.”
“Whenever I feel like I can use a little more energy and feel more tired than usual.”

Kali mur - A Congestion Clearing Cell Salt
“It opened me up and I feel clearer than I have in a long time.”
“I originally got these for the sinus relief, but they turned out to be an instant relief of heartburn and indigestion”

Kali phos -The Nerve Nutrient Cell Salt
“This helps to even out my moods.”
“It seems to melt away the tension and promotes restful sleep.”
“It helps so much with the daily stress and aches and pains.”

Nat phos - The Acidity Cell Salt
“As a homoeopathic physician of the eclectic medical school I can heartily endorse this product.”