Pain is Body Talk

Body Talk Can Help You Manage Pain

If you think of pain as body language for 'something's not quite right here', and think of what you need to translate that language, you're ready to enter the holistic world of natural healing. A big step into holistic care, especially homeopathic medicine, is learning to define conditions and symptoms beyond 'headache' or 'backache'. Granted, there are plenty of homeopathic medicine combinations that let you skip this step more or less, but it's always good to define what you're treating beforehand, especially when it comes to managing pain.

Even if you are not going to use a 1600+ page repertory (books that index symptoms) to match your pain symptoms to homeopathic medicines, you can improve your body language skills by defining your pain the way repertories do.

Sensations - What does it actually feel like? Is it dull, darting, gnawing, piercing, pounding, throbbing, stabbing, stitching; is it like a nail driven in, a hammer pounding, a knife cutting…?

Locations/Sides - Where is it exactly or where is it strongest? Temples, neck, hip…; right side, left side or left to right…; or does it wander from spot to spot?

Extensions – Does it travel or reach from one location to another? Pain extends from low back toward thigh or knee, from throat to ear on swallowing, eyes to back of the head?

Times – When does it strike or start to hurt? Onset after midnight, 2-4 am, evening, morning, on waking, every four weeks, periodically ...

Modalities – This one can be very important for eliminating remedies and identifying the cause. It basically consists of what makes the symptoms better or worse: pain worse for movement, cold, storms; better for movement, heat, open air…

Causes and Triggers – What caused the pain can be essential as well: caused by study, cuts, injury, cold air, living in a damp environment...

Once you are familiar with your symptoms, words in the remedy descriptions can start popping out at you. If ‘throbbing’ pain rings a bell, maybe Belladonna will, too. If symptoms wake you up at 2 am, Nux vomica might get a flag. If fresh air is a must, consider Pulsatilla.

In turn, knowing the remedies helps you understand the nature of the pain. If joint pain gets better with motion, think Rhus tox so tissues are likely irritated as in arthritis and will feel better with some applied heat, but might not need as much TLC as if they cannot stand motion.

FYI: Gaining body talk language makes you a better patient for all medical appointments.

Pain Wise's 417Wise’s Pain Formula packs five great homeopathic medicines for easing and defining pain.

Its applications cover a vast range of pains symptoms including: headaches, body aches (even with flu), backaches, minor joint pains, minor arthritis, injuries, cramps and pains that radiate, dart around, throb or ache in place. Dr. Wise’s Pain tablets pack the first aid plus ongoing support and relief remedies.

A Closer Look Inside:

Bryonia – The #1 key to this choice: All pains are worse with motion. Whether you have a bursting headaches in forehead or whole head; backache (mostly small of back and neck); joints with tearing stitching pains; and pains due to fever that ache and hurt all over, if Bryonia is going to help, you will prefer to lie still in a dark room with no noise and no company. Sometimes lying on or holding the affected area tightly to avoid any motion might be the only relief. Warmth tends to irritate.

Hypericum – The ‘Arnica of the Nerves’ remedy helps the body localize and calm intense spasm-like pain following injuries in sensitive areas such as fingers, toes and coccyx. After landing too hard on your tailbone, it also relieves radiating pains that travel upward and down. It also relieves heavy, ‘as if touched by a cold hand’ headaches; throbbing at the top headaches; plus right-sided facial pain. Symptoms worsen in cold damp areas and with touch.

Kali phos - The nerve nutrient cell salt uses the body’s connection to potassium phosphate to ease pain. Fatigue plays a large roll in this remedy’s application for occipital headaches which are usually caused by mental labor and are worse before (PMS) and during periods; minor back and joint pains that improve with gentle motion; and facial pain. Symptoms are worse with worry, excitement, exertion and cold; better for rest and warmth.

Magnesia phos - The master anti-cramp cell salt offers extensive relief for any symptoms that feels cramp-like including: muscle tension anywhere, cramps, cramping pain, facial pain, radiating pains, darting pains, spasmodic headaches and low back pains that extend down the thigh. Its pains tend to be worse on the right side and are always relieved by heat and pressure.

Rhus tox - #1 for minor arthritic joint and back pains, Rhus can ease a range of minor joint pain with tearing sensations in tendons or ligaments and back pains that may extend downward. It also helps headaches that run from the forehead to the back of the head. The keys to using Rhus tox are #1, better with gentle motion though stiff on first moving and #2 restlessness. Other modalities include worse while resting, with any cold, damp weather and at night; better for warmth, dry weather, stretching, walking or rubbing.

Are your body language skills improving? If not, talk to your joints, they almost always have something to say.

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More Pain Talk Options

Homeopathic Medicine combinations make it easy:

, Backaches #199,
& Rheumatic #14 - These three have been favorites for many generations.

Hyland’s Arthritis Pain Formula
Always in the top 10 or so best selling combinations.

Pain Tissue O
Puts key cell salts together for calming pain, cramps and irritation.

Hyland’s Leg Cramps
Unbeatable for leg cramps day or night.

Homeopathic Medicine Singles Speak Pain

Arnica - #1, ASAP, Top Remedy, Hands Down Favorite… Best for reducing the effects of blows, bumps, twists, turns and any other injury or strain where bruising might happen. Always worse for touch.

Apis - Stinging pains with burning sensations especially if area is red and puffy. Worse for heat and touch, better with a cold bath.

Belladonna - Throbbing pains and heat, especially frontal headaches with pressure. Neck and lower back/hip pain with burning sensations. Pain symptoms are worse for light, jarring, noise, drafts, lying down and better sitting but leaning back.

Ledum pal - Foot pain, small joint pain, pains may begin in the sole of a foot and move upward. Puncture wounds, yellowed bruises. Injuries that feel cold but still prefer to have cold applied. Cold feet in cold water? That’s Ledum.

Ruta - #1 for sprained or strained joints & eye strain; small of back feels bruised and pain may extend to hips and thigh; foot and ankle pains. Worse cold wet weather and while lying down.

Staphysagria – Pain due to cuts, lacerations or needles. Stupefying headaches with a ‘ball in the forehead sensation’. Backache drives you out of bed in the morning. Worse for anger, insult or grief, better for warmth, rest and after breakfast.

Once you get into headaches, and pains with burning sensations the possibilities aren’t endless, but can feel like it.
Fortunately, they are so safe, you don’t have to worry if it’s not quite the perfect match.