How this homeopathic remedy can help bring out the best in your skin?

Sunshine and outdoor activities can challenge skin's resources. Our balancing cell salts, cleansing soothing remedy combinations, and carefully selected array of creams, gels, sprays and ointments, let you pamper your skin and treat skin symptoms without the added worry of suppressive side effects or contra indications; but one particular homeopathic remedy with cleansing and strengthening characteristics is the cell salt Silica.

How does this homeopathic remedy "bring out the best in your skin?"

It is actually quartz and is just as important to our skin, nails and structural make up as it is for plant stems and trees to stand upright. On studying the cell salt Silica, the cell salts' founder, Dr. W. H. Scheussler found it helps the body expel or root out congestions and irritants, especially in weakened tissues or individuals. In skin applications, Silica helps the body eliminate splinters, acne, eruptions, corns and fungus issues such as athlete’s foot. For other systems, Silica helps efforts to cleanse sore throats, mature coughs, sinus and ear congestion as well as constipation and diarrhea. Other diverse symptoms that indicate its use include: pale skin, nervous irritability, timidity, fatigue, a lack of vital heat; weakness in ankles, skin, hair and nails; a tendency to feel better with warmth and much worse in a cold draft.

Silica - A Closer Look...

Made from rock crystal, this cell salt’s source provides the strength in straw, plant stems, sponges, feathers, hair, skin, nails, bone surfaces and other tissues. Nicknamed the ‘grit’ cell salt, Silica’s strengthening action helps many conditions that need strength, cleansing or purging, especially in individuals weakened by poor nutrition or a range of stresses and disorders.

When fungi, foreign matter or weak/overtaxed cleansing systems cause skin congestions, Silica can help the body's efforts to clear away the problem. This includes acne, splinters, blocked pores, corns, scar tissue, certain tooth pains, athlete’s foot, toenail fungus and other fungal, blocked or congested skin issues. This homeopathic cell salt has also proven very supportive in helping clear swollen sore throats, blocked tear ducts, etc.

The colds it treats best suffer under sinus and ear congestion with dry, crusty or blocked nasal passages and hammering, burning headaches. When a winter cough will not go away, Silica might be just the solution to clear out thick yellow mucus.

Of course Silica’s purging action applies to its digestive uses as well when constipation with much straining leads to smelly flatulence and eventually diarrhea. If poor assimilation of nutrients leads to improper nutrition, it offers gentle healing support.

The key to Silica’s deepest uses is a want of grit– physical and sometimes moral. It offers the most benefit to individuals with some or all of these symptoms: nervous irritability, timidity, fear of public speaking, exam nerves, fear of needles, weak ankles, pale skin, fatigue, a lack of vital heat, and weak hair and nails. Its offers the most benefit to patients who are concerned about their image (what people think). Though naturally chilly, they perspire (cheesy smelling). People needing Silica most feel better in a warm room with a warm hat on, and much worse in a cold draft and in winter.

Homeopathic Keynotes for Silica

Skin, weak skin, Acne, Sores, Splinters, Scar Tissue, corns, athlete's foot, smelly feet, foot odor, skin irritation, rashes, Sinus Congestion, sinus pain, Constipation, sinus headaches, ear congestion, ear pain, brittle nails, pale, fatigue, chilliness, weak hair, perspiration, colds, nasal congestion, flatulence, gas, cough, nervous irritability, timidity, eye ducts, toenail fungus

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Did you know that the rock crystal we use to make the cell salt remedy Silica, is what plants use to hold their flowers up? Silicon dioxide is practically insoluble, and practically everywhere, including in our skin and nails.

Homeopathic Remedy Formulas with Silica


#1 Best Selling Cell Salt Combination & Best Value! Offers balancing support to anyone, of any age, any time a refreshing dose is needed. If feeling just a ‘bubble off plumb’, recovering from a vigorous run or workout, suffering from an unbalanced diet or working to get back in sync after an illness.   This homeopathic remedy formula includes all 12 cell salt remedies.

Acne - Tissue D

This homeopathic acne treatment is a customer favorite for healthy skin! Don't be fooled by expensive herbal alternatives claiming to be natural... this is a truly, natural and homeopathic formula that combines the cell salts that skin cells need to cleanse, purge, heal and stay in balance. The fundamental support in this homeopathic tissue combination helps the body clear acne and other skin symptoms including athlete's

foot, corns, splinters, sores and other eruptions.

Increased acidity affects our digestion most, thus this cell salt combination’s support relieves occasional or recurring acid

stomachs, gas-related headaches and flatulence as well as bloating and sluggish digestion. Beyond digestion, it applies to swollen or achy joints, muscles irritated by excess lactic acid and other conditions brought on by acidity imbalance.

Swimmer's Ear / Earache #32

Whether filled with water, wax or mucus, this remedy can stimulate the body’s natural ability to clear ear canals out before bacteria can settle in. Ideal for swimmers, this natural formula offers natural support whenever ears feel congested, but if infection is possible, professional guidance is advised.