All Creatures Great and Small Benefit from Homeopathic First Aid

These fellows flew into large windows at a house in Quebec. Fortunately, their fate was not the tragedy that so many songbirds suffer daily due to glass windows and buildings without shades or UV decals.

This young nuthatch hit a second story window on a chilly day. When we found him on the ground, he was on his back and cold. I thought recovery unlikely, but tried nonetheless. While I warmed him up, my friend dissolved Arnica 30X tablets in a small glass of pure water. His beak was open, so I put a drop near his tiny tongue. Within a couple of minutes, he righted himself. As he seemed terrified as well as stunned, she added an Aconite 30X tablet to the Arnica solution. Four more doses and a half hour later, he was off to a tree where he sat for another hour, tweeted, fluffed his feathers and flew off. So sweet.

SparrowWhite Throated Sparrow
On a windy but warmer day a year later, we heard this white throated sparrow hit the living room window. He was on his back being pecked and pulled by his mate when we found him. He came to quickly after a drop of Arnica 30X in water. He found his feet and then sat and sat looking fairly comfortable. Every time he looked like he would fly, he cuddled back into my hand to avoid the strong winds. We did not think it necessary to add the Aconite, but continued to dose with the Arnica every 5-10 minutes. Within an hour of his accident, he tweeted goodbye, perched nearby for a few minutes and soon met up with his mate in the brush.

"Homeopathy is so safe, simple and natural, that nothing should hold us back from helping fellows like these, plus our own friends and family members if they are willing. Please note: Self care measures of any kind should never make us delay or avoid needed professional medical attention after accidents. This is particularly true of all head injuries.  I would have added Rescue Remedy to both of these cases, but was worried about the alcohol content for such tiny bodies.  Needless to say, my friend now has WindowAlert’s UV decals on both these windows. "– NWebb, HDIP

About Animals & Homeopathy
While our products are not labeled for animal dosing (thus we cannot answer questions regarding pet care), there are veterinarians and pet owners who love it, books you can consult and HomeoPet's many products.

Photos courtesy of bird lover Boofi McCullough

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First Aid Essentials for All Creatures Great and Small

Arnica For its ability to help the body keep bruising, swelling and pain to a minimum, plus speed healing of injuries and muscleaches, Arnica really should be in every purse, kit, gym bag, play ground, etc. It is the most loved and proven remedy in all of homeopathy.  Arnica is also available in ointment, massage oil and spray forms.

Aconitum nap Another jewel when fright threatens to interfere with sensible responses.

Ruta grav When a joint bears the brunt of an injury, it never hurts to have Ruta on hand following the initial Arnica dosing.

A few combinations can be a great convenience:

Hyland’s Arnicaid Packs a range of first aid support and pain relief for diverse mishaps.

MuscleAches #44 First aid and TLC for muscles and the tendons and joints they connect with– cramps, strains & sprains.

Hyland’s Traumex With Arnica and a blend of 10 other healing, pain-relieving singles, this non greasy ointment complements any first aid and TLC plan.

Bach’s Rescue Remedy This fascinating blend of Bach’s flower remedies helps us find the silver lining in the face of emotional or physical distress symptoms.