Three "Must Have" Single Homeopathic Remedies for Spring

Although homeopathy supports life through all its seasons and challenges, today is the first official day of spring, so it’s time to prepare for all of spring’s opportunities!   Trusting homeopathy is as simple as trusting that your body has the potential to heal itself. The right stimulation can open many channels to more efficient healing, more direct access to vital nutrients, and more balanced mental and emotional responses.

Hypericum perfHypericum perf - The "Arnica" of the nervers helps you keep pain localized and under control

Keep this one by the toolbox, the gardener's bin and the camper's kit.  As the Arnica of the Nerves, Hypericum is essential for putting pain in its place after injuries - especially when nerve rich areas are involved. For instance, when Spring and Summer projects lead to hammered fingers, stubbed toes, insect bitten skin and fallen on behinds, the pain can be quickly localized and relieved by Hypericum.
Certain other nerve pains can find much relief in Hypericum as well.  These include radiating back and neck pains that are excessively sore, appear suddenly but depart slowly, and are sensitive to Spring's constantly changing weather. Insect bites, animal bites and any injuries that are hot and seem more painful than they ought, will usually yield to this gentle herb.

Allium cepaAllium cepa - Allergy & Hayfever Sufferers - regain control of your body's reactions

If eyes are irritated and nasal discharge burns, Allium cepa can bring relief. Whether due to a spring cold, hay fever or airborne irritants, it acts swiftly to relieve eye, nose and throat irritations as well as related headaches, hacking coughs and hoarseness. Its symptoms are often worse in cold damp weather and stuffy rooms.  Though cold air makes their symptoms worse, people needing Allium cepa hate warm stuffy rooms. Oddly enough, its best patients will even crave a raw onion now and then.

Apis melApis mel - #1 for bee stings, helps you with certain allergic reactions including hives and rashes

Burning, Stinging Pains Hives & Bug Bites, Swollen Joints, Sore Throat, Urinary Issues - Every type of reaction bee stings can cause reflects a use for this remedy - from mild swelling to inflamed membranes throughout the body. Its applications include: burning swellings caused by bees, hives, or other irritants; swollen inflamed joints; inflammatory reactions such as swollen sore throats, eye irritations and acute stinging urinary pain. Trademarks for its use include: redness, swellings, burning stinging pains and improvement with applied cold. While this remedy is safe and worry-free, strong reactionary symptoms need professional help.

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*Please note: these statements are based upon traditional homeopathic practice. They have not been reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration.

Top homeopathic combination remedies to help you relax and rejuvenate now!

Bioplasma - 12 revitalizing cell salts in every tablet!

This best seller offers balancing support to anyone, of any age, any time a refreshing dose is needed. If feeling just a 'bubble off plumb', struggling against fatigue, recovering from a vigorous run or workout, suffering from an unbalanced diet or working to get back in sync after an illness, Bioplasma can be highly restorative.

Fight off everything from the local cold and acute dietary errors to the season’s blues and blahs with this popular favorite. Athletes often use it to replenish themselves after a run or workout.  It’s the only combination remedy we make available in multiple potencies - 6X and 30X.

Hyland's Seasonal Allergy Relief- Pets, grass, pollen, mold...

Safely relieves the drippy misery of allergies throughout the year. Homeopathic Ingredients: Allium cepa, Nat mur, Luffa oper, Histaminum hydrochlor, Galphimia glauca, Nux vom

Hyland's Calms Forte - Blends homeopathic cell salts and homeopathic remedies for sleep for a refreshing sleep without grogginess.

When stress keeps you awake, Calms Forté can naturally ease you into sleep. Homeopathic Ingredients: Passiflora, Avena sativa, Humulus lupulus, Chamomilla, Calcarea phos, Ferrum phos, Kali phos, Natrum phos, Magnesia phos