How these incredibly minute doses can have such resonance in our bodies is a little too technical for science quite yet, though science is finding more and more applications for energetically diluted substances in and out of medicine from engine additives to experiments in chemotherapy.

But the way we see it is this: Our bodies have incredibly sensitive receptors which trigger adjustments and responses to even the slightest changes and dangers in our environment. Changes which thanks to these receptors, we usually know nothing about. The body adjusts to every temperature change, to chemicals in the air and in our food, to fluorescent lights, germs and bacteria present in every breath we take, it responds to bitterness, dryness, acidity, .... Only when these aggravants are in excess or our reactions are too burdened do we ever know what changes our systems have made to keep us comfortable and safe. This is not news to those of us who know the healing powers of homeopathy's extremely minute doses. In response to the slightest hint that something is present which can cause a certain set of symptoms, the body sets out to heal itself.