What Should You Keep In Your Medicine Chest

Let common sense rule. Keeping the homeopathic medicines you need on hand is sensible when homeopathy can do so much to help as soon as injuries, colds digestive troubles or emotional traumas begin.

With these essential homeopathic combination medicines and the homeopathic single medicines that apply best to your lifestyle, you can ease stress, minimize trauma and find safe, natural relief right away.


No medicine chest, gym bag or purse is well stocked without Arnica to minimize aches & injuries on the spot.

Arnica Tablets and Pellets

Homeopathy's best selling, best proven remedy across the globe reduces bruising and trauma to soft tissues after injuries, workouts, strains and sprains of all shapes and sizes.

Arnica Ointment

Arnica ointment relieves bumps, bruises, soreness, chapped lips, sore spots and dry skin on contact.

Arnica Spray

This Hyland's product gently sprays Arnica's relief on areas too tender to touch.

Arnica Bump Stick

Convenient dispenser gently applies clear Arnica Ointment onto bruises and tender skin.

Arnica Massage Oil

Arnica infused mineral oil offers awesome massages for sore muscles and aching joints.

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Bachache #199Backache #199

Keep this on the shelf to ease backaches and aching, injured joints everywhere.  This homeopathic remedy combines first aid injury support with cramp, stiffness and straine relief to minimize and localize pain in injured, aching or aging backs.

Homeopathic Ingredients:

Aconitum nap - Relieves numb, stiff, painful, tingling or sore backs or necks, especially if cold air triggers the pain.

Arnica mont - Relieves bruising and soreness in aching or injured backs.

Bellis per - Eases soreness of sprained, strained backs especially if deep tissues are aggravated.

Bryonia alb - Relieves neck and lower back stiffness aggravated by any motion or quick temperature changes.

Magnesium phos - Relaxes cramps, cramping pain, tense muscles and radiating pains to ease backaches and related pains.

Rhus tox - Relieves stiffness and pain, especially if gentle motion eases pain and the floor makes a better bed than a mattress.

GasGas Tabs Wises #413

Everyone can benefit by having this available to relieve gas and heartburn quickly and naturally.  This unique formula relieves gastric complaints from many sources, including digestive excesses (too much alcohol, coffee, rich food, etc.) as well as stress, emotional strain, grief or anger.

Homeopathic Ingredients:

Carbo veg - Eases upward gas that begins soon after eating with sour belching, hiccups and heartburn.
Lycopodium - Helps lower gas especially after over-eating brings on bloating, abdominal pain and flatulence.
Ignatia - Relieves indigestion in empty feeling stomachs with a lump in the throat sensation, often following grief, anger or other emotional turmoil.
Nux vom - The stress expert single offers natural relief for heartburn, knot-like stomach pain and gas with rumbling and flatulence due to stress, rich food, coffee or alcohol.
Nux muschata - Made from nutmeg, it helps when weak digestion turns all food to gas and bloating.

Nasal / Sinus #10

If you've ever suffered with sinus pain, you'll know to keep this on hand, especially this time of year.  When local pollen or a seasonal colds lead to blocked sinuses, post nasal drainage, stuffy noses or suffocating chesty coughs, this classic congestion combination triggers cleansing responses to speed healing, naturally without suppressing congestion for later.

Homeopathic Ingredients:

Antimonium tart - A master of coughs and stubborn mucus, helps when the sinuses, or any part of the respiratory system are full.

Kali bich - Homeopathy’s #1 real sinus reliever, helps clear thick, yellow-green, stringy mucus that clogs the sinuses, blocks nasal passages, lines the throat and lungs and may fill the ears as well.

Mercurius viv - Offers added relief if there is much mucus in the throat and pain in the front and back of the head.

Spongia tosta - Helps most when there is mucus irritation, but everything feels dry and tight - blocked sinuses with bursting headaches, and dry suffocating coughs.

Pain Tabs Wise's #417

Headaches, bodyaches, cramps and other pains don't wait, why should you?  Without umbing chemicals or risk of hapituation, this formaula can bring soothing relief to a wide range of aches and pains.

Homeopathic Ingredients:

Bryonia - All pains are worse with any motion, bursting headaches in forehead, backache (mostly small of back and neck), joint pains with tearing stitching pains, and miserable body aches due to flu or other illness.

Hypericum - Calms intense pain following injuries in nerve rich areas (fingers, toes and coccyx) and eases heavy tearing pulsating headaches.

Kali phos - Headaches are usually caused by mental labor and are worse before and during periods; other pain applications include low back pains that extend downward, facial pain and weakened nerves in back and limbs that improve with gentle motion.

Magnesia phos - The anti-spasmodic cell salt, offers ideal relief for cramps, cramping pain, facial nerve pain, facial pains and spasmodic headaches.

Rhus tox - Renowned for relieving tearing stiff joint and back pains that feel better with gentle motion and headaches that run from the forehead to the back of the head.

homeopathic remedy for anxietyAnxious / Low Spirits #304

Ease the diverse effects of various stresses ASAP - exam nerves, sadness, grief, etc

Homeopathic Ingredients:

Agnus - Helps when despair and great sadness make one easily distracted and forgetful.

Gelsemium - Ideal relief for anticipatory nerves before exams, performances, interviews or other stressful situations when a heavy dulness and butterfly stomachs get in the way; also useful for effects of excitement - highs or lows.

Ignatia - Offers critical calming support when grief, homesickness, heartbreak, disappointment or shocking news strain nervous systems and energy.

Lycopodium - Relieves worried, anxious nerves overwhelmed by stage fright, apprehension or indecision.

Kali phos - Nerve nutrient cell salt helps nerves counter-balance stress, worry, sadness and fatigue.

Passiflora - Offers gentle calming support for natural relief and a good night’s sleep.

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Arnica Galore!

My husband had complained of shoulder pain for weeks. I finally convinced him that just 3 doses of Arnica would make a difference. He tried it! His pain is gone and has not returned since! He is a believer now!!  Arnica is an essential at our house.

Amy B.

My grandson fell and hit the left side of his face against the end table. It immediately started bruising and swelling up. The area around his left eye was swelling up so he could barely see. I knew what to do, grab arnica montana. My daughter who is always against trying anything I suggest gave in to my request. After taking 2 Arnica twice, the swelling went down. I instructed her to continue the dose the next day. By morning the swelling was gone and only a small bruise under his eye was left.


I own a large day spa and wellness centre... I am the ...skin care specialist... Many of my clients are opting for surgical cosmetic enhancements so we started offering them the topical and internal Arnica to speed up their healing process. Every single client who has used the Arnica has seen a faster recovery/healing time than those who opted not to take the Arnica! In many cases the recovery time is 3 times faster! When Arnica is used, bruising from eyelifts is gone in less then 7 days!
.... Even their surgeons are surprised at the results! We are so pleased with all of the products that your company provides...thank you!


Back in the 1930's and 1940’s my Mom always used Arnica for our bruises.
I am now 78 and still using it when needed. I had a fall and landed on my knee, hip and shoulder. I ... had bad bruises all over. I applied the Arnica everywhere needed and sure enough the pain stopped and the bruises started to fade. So believe it when they say Arnica works for this type injury. Kids always feel better just having Mom or someone rub it on also.

June E.

I was able to provide relief to my 15-yr. old daughter who is new to running track for high school. She came home with such sore muscles...
The Arnica absolutely did it.

Thanks., Mary Jo T

The day after my surgery for a bad leg/ankle break, my surgeon sent a psych specialist in to see me. I’m 76. I finally got her to tell me why...
They wanted to know if I was smoking pot or on some other recreational drug as I was refusing all pain meds. I finally confessed to Arnica and Staphysagria and she asked where she could find out about this homeopathy - I sent her to your website. Symphytum put it all back together well ahead of schedule.

Thank you, nw

Backache #199

Dear Luyties, This is one of the many funny moments homeopathy has given me. 5 big guys were taking forever to cut down my rotted out maple tree.
I asked if I could help with anything and the leader said, “only if you have a miracle cure for backache.” So I gave him - and soon all of thembr>-- a dose of your #199s. Boy were they impressed! The tree came down without event. Later that week they all came into the store... and bought all we had in stock- and the Arnica, too. I gave them your catalog and hope they are still chopping.

Thanks, R.C.

A friend of mine at work commented on sciatica pain she had been having for almost a month. She had been to 2 Doctors and was given pain killers, that were not working but they did not have much else to offer her. I sent for your sciatica remedy & asked her if she would try it. She had never used homeopathic remedies before but was in so much pain she agreed to try it. One week later she had no pain. She is still pain free 6 months later. She was thrilled and said she would definitely try a homeopathic remedy again first before relying on conventional medicine.

Julie I.-K.

Wise Gas

Thanks to your Gas tabs and Acidity cell salts, my digestive balance is restored and working better than I can remember. At 64, that’s pretty good. Thanks!


Nasal / Sinus #10

Hi, You're products are so wonderful. Your #10 for Sinus can't be beat.
Even my skeptical friend said they helped her. Thanks,