"Radiating Pain" - the common keynote in homeopathic nerve pain remedies.

"Nerve Pain" is a common search term used on Google and our Web Site.  We wanted to address the issue for that reason, and because many diseases that can cause nerve pain are quite serious; so it's important to have a better understanding and to know when you should seek the advice of a health care professional.  Serious ailments and underlying causes that present the symptoms of "nerve pain" and "nerve inflammation" include, but are not limited to diabetes, chronic renal failure, vitamin deficiencies, drug side effects, long term alcohol abuse and thyroid problems.  These are conditions you SHOULD NOT treat yourself, with homeopathy.   We recommend you talk to your doctor about nerve pain, to rule out these more serious issues, and to make sure you get the appropriate diagnosis and medical care if you do have a serious condition.   A great resource on on this topic can be found on the Brain and Nerve section of the "Health and Disease" web site http://www.brainandnerves.com/uk/Organic-Diseases/Nerve-Inflammation---Polyneuropathy/ .  If you do seek homeopathic treatment, it should be done by a professional homeopath. With that in mind, homeopathy can be used to help manage nerve pain symptoms.

Although pain always begins with the nerves (we feel pain through our nervous system), a dinstinction between nerve pain and other types of pain can be made in the reason for the pain.  Web MD describes nerve pain as pain from nerve damage.  Other types of pain can be muscular from tissue damage, and joint / skeletal pain from injuries and aging.   One common keynote seen in homeopathic remedies used for nerve pain, is "radiating pain".  This is described as pain that radiates outward from a central point.  It starts in one point and moves outward until a larger area hurts.  Recognizing this keynote can be helpful in identifying the best homeopathic pain remedy for you.

Homeopathic Combination Remedies for "Radiating Pain"

Neuralgic Pain Tissue O is a classic example of homeopathic cell salts combined to align the body’s responses.
When the body sends a nerve pain signal, it turns on a series of defenses to stabilize the area and initiate healing of the injury.

Initially pain works as a warning signal to prevent further harm. Then it sends what is called an "axon flare" or reflex. This makes veins dilate around the injury, causes tissues to swell, and increases overall sensitivity in the area. Over time the area stiffens and muscles tense to prevent further damage. As always, having everything in the proper balance helps maximize efficiency and curbs the body's tendency to over-react.

The homeopathic cell salts in this combination address many aspects of pain:

Ferrum phos, the anti-inflammatory cell salt, is the most important remedy for calming inflamed tissues, reducing throbbing pains, and forming healthy blood cells.

Kali phos, the nerve nutrient cell salt, helps the body control pain signals, localize pain and heal the nerves. Its action includes calming the body’s mental and emotional responses as well.

Mag phos, the antispasmodic cell salt, helps muscles relax and prevents the spasms and cramps that can result from lingering pain. It relieves a range of nerve pains including "radiating, boring, constricting pains... causing restlessness and prostration." (Murphy, Lotus Materia Medica) One key indication for Mag phos is the improvement of symptoms with heat.

Neuralgia #09 - This nerve-easing combination offers natural relief for a variety of pain symptoms with diverse sensations including throbbing, stabbing and radiating pains in the head, face, jaw, neck or back. Cramps, muscle tension and back spasms can enjoy it as well for worry free, relaxing relief.

Homeopathic formula:

Belladonna - Relieves violent pains that pulse and shoot along the nerves including throbbing headaches that cannot tolerate bending over; facial neuralgia that causes muscles to twitch and faces to flush with heat.

Mag phos - See description above.

Spigelia - Relieves stabbing nerve pain that feels like burning needles and radiates from the source to other parts of the body. It is most effective on pains of the fifth nerve which explains the frontal headache, eye, jaw and frontal sinus pain, especially when stooping.

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Key homeopathic single remedy used with  "nerve pain"

Hypericum - no discussion about nerve pain would be complete without hypericum.  In first aid, Hypericum is considered the Arnica of the Nerves!

That horrible sharp, shooting, hot pain from injuring a nerve rich area is more controllable with Hypericum. Whether the source is a blow, cut or puncture wound and whether the area injured is a finger, toe, tongue, teeth, coccyx or genitalia, if there’s sharp pain, reach for Hypericum for the pain and Arnica for the bruising.
Even if there isn’t a hammer or car door involved, it relieves neuralgic pains that shoot up along the nerves as well as radiating pain and numbness. These neuralgic pains are excessively sore, especially when the weather changes, and tend to appear suddenly and depart slowly.

Anytime there is a back, neck or spinal trauma– childbirth included– with spasming, radiating or shooting pain, Hypericum's nerve relief can helpful. It can be critical following head injuries, given immediately or even for lingering symptoms years later (see also Nat sulph). If melancholy and mental changes began with an injury to the head, spine or elsewhere, Hypericum can bring incredible support. A homeopath’s guidance is best for this complaint.

Other Specialists in Radiating Pains

In his book *Homeopathic Remedies*, Asa Hershoff offers us a few other singles for radiating pains:

Berberis (for low back pains in which "stitiching pain radiates to hips, front of thighs, up or down; changeable")

Cimicifuga ("radiating or electric-shock pains" and "spasms of large muscles")

Spigelia ("stabbing pains, radiating downward or outward, very sensitive to touch") FYI. As most of the cell salts in us are also found in plants, and all of these are plant remedies, it would not be out of place to assume these owe some of their healing powers to the Mag phos in their sources

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