Just as a young plant needs lots of spring rain to grow healthy and strong, our cells need special attention to stay in balance through seasonal changes.

Made from the basic mineral compounds our cells need, the Schuessler Cell Salt remedies  can help our bodies keep our systems in balance. If you feel like you're wilting rather than blooming this spring, take a closer look at the cell salts and all their special applications for spring issues.

Help Your Body Maximize Its Energy & Minimize Fatigue
The Phosphate Tools - (Calc phos, Ferrum phos Kali phos, Mag phos, and  Nat phos). The AMA Medical Glossary states that phosphorus, “is an important part of structures and membranes in the body; is also involved in numerous other chemical reactions.” In its purest form, the highly flammable chemical Phosphorus is so dense with energy it ignites on contact with air. Thus it makes sense that phosphate compounds in our cell salts are connected to energy, vitality, heat and the interconnectedness of cells. Magnesium phosphate, for instance, must be present for nerves and muscles to connect and run smoothly. This explains why its cell salt, Mag phos, is well known for soothing tension, cramps, spasms and certain pains. So when you need to feel more in sync, phosphates are at your service, especially in tissue combinations B and E, see below.  Click here for a chart describing all the Cell Salt Single Remedies.

Bioplasma - A combination of all 12 Cell Salts
Fatigue, Weakness, Weariness
This has been a favorite among retail and professional customers for generations. If feeling just a ‘bubble off plumb’, but no defining symptoms have appeared, or suffering the effects of eating more hamburgers than veggies lately, this combination of the twelve vital cell salts can offer your body support for getting you back in balance. This can extend to when certain foods or physical exertion lead to minor symptoms of fatigue or irritation.  It’s the only combination remedy available in different potencies - 6X, 12X & 30X

Tonic - Tissue E
Calc phos, Ferrum phos, Kali phos, Mag phos, Nat phos
Recovery, Growth, Fatigue, Low vitality, Low spirits, Nerve pain
This phosphate quintet provides very well rounded support for young and old, especially when overall vitality is running a bit low. Calc phos, the restorative, convalescence remedy, helps the body maintain healthy cellular activity. Ferrum phos helps the body find what it needs to reduce irritation, redness, swelling, fatigue, etc. The ‘nerve nutrient,’ Kali phos, helps the body when mental or physical energy is out of whack. Mag phos helps nerve-to-muscle communication to ease symptoms of tension, spasms and cramps. Nat phos, the acidity cell salt, helps with both digestive and tissue/joint aggravations by helping the body keep acids in balance. So, whenever life is a drain, this tonal remedy can help you relax and enjoy the music.

Debility - Tissue B
Calc phos
, Ferrum phos, Kali phos
Weakness, Fatigue, Low spirits, Growth, Repair
This balancing tissue salt combination lets Kali phos relieve symptoms of pain, sadness and agitation, while Calc phos aids recovery, weakness and nutrition, and Ferrum phos helps the body reduce redness, irritation, minor fevers and turn around time. Calc phos and Ferrum phos make a great pair when the blood has been taxed, because calcium phosphate is necessary for building strong cells and iron phosphate is required for carrying the oxygen to where it is needed. So, if your nerves are wearied by work, growth, stress, illness, or teen-dom this remedy can give you and your cells a lift.

These descriptions are all in accordance with Dr. W. H. Schuessler’s Biochemic Therapeutics, which established the cell salt remedies in 1876. He states that our cells and organs rely on these twelve inorganic substances and that abnormal conditions (illnesses) arise when they are not in balance.