Let’s Get Moving...

June is National Great Outdoors Month so Let’s Get Moving! Gardens to plant? Dig deeper. Trails to hike? Go higher.  Muscles to build? Build stronger.  With just a few homeopathic remedies you can exceed your goals and have more fun reaching them.  Homeopathy's self care options are 100% pro movement indoors and out.

If you only want to pack three remedies, which ones would you choose?

#1 - First Aid for Joints and Muscle Symptoms

This formula should include these homeopathic remedies:
Arnica - bruises, injuries, muscle strains or next day achiness.
Ruta grav - minor joint pain & stiffness due to sprains, strains or repeat injuries.
Mag phos - achy, tense or cramping muscles and radiating pain symptoms.
Rhus tox - minor stiffness and achiness in irritated joints if movement eases the strain.

The winner is: Muscleaches #44 this safe natural homeopathic combination packs these plus Bryonia for stiff red achy joints with minor swelling and Cimicifuga for a more targeted approach to ‘like electric shock’ pains and large muscle soreness.

#2 - Eye Irritation and Hay Fever Symptoms

What fun is planting a garden if your eyes are too watery to see it? Both these options contain Euphrasia which is #1 for eye irritation:

Similasan’s Allergy Eye Drops offers fast-acting relief if eyes are #1 problem.
Hyland’s Seasonal Allergy Relief takes the cake if symptoms involve eyes, nose and/or throat.

#3 - Skin Irritation

Whether trimming a thorny rose bush, being bitten by buzzing insects or skinning your knees, skin symptoms put a damper on outdoor fun!

This one must have these homeopathic remedies:
Calendula - #1 first aid for minor cuts and scratches helps skin heal faster with less scarring.
Apis - bee sting and insect bite symptoms.
Ledum - deeper bites and minor puncture wounds.
Urtica urens -itchy rashes.

The winner is: Hyland’s Bug Bite Ointment!

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*Please note: these statements are based upon traditional homeopathic practice. They have not been reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration.

What about -
• Frozen shoulder?
• Aching Achilles heels?
• Hand and foot specific pains?

Look them up in our recent Active Life catalog, especially pages 11-13.

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A Few More Specifics:
Depending on your plans and

Ferrum phos

Hyland's Calendula Non-Alcohol Spray

Tonic Tissue E

How to take homeopathic remedies?

Our combinations are safe enough to take before, during and after exertion. While homeopathy specializes in treating current symptoms, it never hurts to take a little support beforehand.

Because many athletes and fitness enthusiasts were putting Bioplasma in their water bottles, which is fine, Hyland’s made Bioplasma Sport. It puts the cell salts in an electrolyte-rich powder form that’s perfect for the trail, path, sweaty day, etc.