Stop Sinus Congestion

Science isn't sure why we have even sinuses and yet we have eight of them. The best guess is that sinuses moisturize the air we breathe. Unfortunately that air has little things in it that settle in our sinuses and trigger mucus congestion. That mucus can hang around to give us headaches or drain into our noses and throats. Whether the invaders are bacterial, virusal, smog or common allergens (dust, pollen, mold, pet dander...), homeopathy can stimulate the body's most efficient efforts to keep sinuses clean and clear without excessive mucus congestion.

#1 Homeopathic Remedy Combination for Sinus Symptoms:

Dr. Luyties Sinus #203Dr. Luyties #203 Sinus has been popular with generations.

Whether due to hay fever, allergies, colds or congestion, this homeopathic formula helps stimulate the body's natural decongestants to clear sinuses, nasal passages, throat, eyes and chest of stubborn mucus. This unique combination's relief extends to headache, sinus pressure, post nasal drip, nasal congestion, eye irritation and stubborn cough symptoms.

Its ingredients add diversity to sinus care:

Kali bich - Among the masters of sinus trouble, Kali bich helps clear stubborn, thick, stringy, yellow mucus that clogs eyes, ears, nose and throat causing pressure and pain, especially at the base of the nose. When congestion does move, it can set off a gagging unproductive cough.

Euphrasia - Relieves sinus troubles that behave more like colds with profuse burning tears especially in the morning, plus profuse, bland nasal discharge, and often a bursting catarrhal headache that may set everything running.

Hydrastis - Applies when post-nasal drip and profuse, thick, ropy, yellow mucus lead to a dull, pressing headache and a loose, rattling alternating with dry, cough.

Pulsatilla - Helps clear thick yellow-green mucus in the eyes, nose, chest or sinuses which often results in pressing sore headaches, stuffy noses and fitful night coughs. Even if allergies might be at the source, fresh air brings some comfort to most who need Pulsatilla.

FYI: If it’s even thicker and more stubborn than that, look to Nasal Sinus #10.

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#1 Single Homeopthic Remedy for Sinus Symptoms

Kali bich homeopathicKali bich - Many sinus pain sufferers have used this remedy to resolve painful nasal/sinus symptoms and stubborn gagging coughs. For Kali bich to do its best, mucus should be sticky, ropy, yellow-green, and very difficult to expel. It clogs the sinuses and nasal passages causing pressure and pain, hoarseness and post nasal drip. Pain may shift between the root of the nose and the cheeks and may extend to the ears. Hacking coughs, hawking, thick nasal scabbing, white-coated tongue and migraine-like headaches indicate its use as well. Symptoms tend to worsen with cold and improve with warmth as it works best on chilly individuals. If mucus suppressants, spring pollen, or too much beer are in the picture, that’s more support for Kali bich.

Of course there are a wide range of other singles you can turn to if this is not the picture of your woes.

FYI: With the right stimulation, the flood gates may fly open, so we advise you keep the tissue box handy and the tea kettle warm.