Calcarea phos

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Repair • Physical Weakness • Digestion • Minor Joint Pains • Discontentment

Growing? Aging? Overdoing it? Schuessler formulated this remedy from calcium phosphate to give us a cell salt for symptoms related to growth, repair, excess study, mental work, sweets, physical stress, etc. Its relief extends to many complaints including: headaches, general weakness, slow-healing wounds, minor joint pain, back pain, weak digestion, minor iron deficiency, heavy periods and a general feeling discontentment.

Key indicators include a desire for change or travel, cravings for fatty, salty foods and an intolerance for dairy products or fruit. On a constitutional level, it applies to those who feel very discontented, dissatisfied; they may complain, want to move to find happiness somewhere else, but can be friendly and open.

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Calcarea phos (calcium phosphate)

Forté: Building block– repair, growth, puberty, aging. Organ Affinity: Blood, digestive fluids, bones, teeth and connective tissues. Symptoms of depleted energy, physical weakness, fatigue; slow-healing wounds, headaches, minor arthritic or back pain; weak digestion, heartburn, gas; women’s heavy periods; discontentment.

Insights from the Experts:
“The personality of Calc phos is characterized by a discontent which is deep-seated and often beyond the patient’s understanding. He feels that something is wrong internally but can’t quite put his finger on what it is that bothers him. This makes him peevish and dissatisfied. He is, on the other hand, often friendly, open, and sensitive. However, he gives the impression of constant complaining, nothing is ever right or fulfilling... This dissatisfaction is associated with a strong desire to travel, to change the environment in the hope of finding, somewhere, a sense of happiness.”   –Roger Morrison, MD, Desktop Guide
Adults complain and grumble about many things. Thinking of their complaints often makes them feel worse. They sigh a lot while talking and are generally restless. Children are peevish and lifeless and have no 'go' in them. They want something but they don't know what.
–Miranda Castro, Complete Homeopathy Handbook

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