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Cleansing Support • Skin Symptoms • Colds & Congestions • Yellow Mucus

When Schuessler found calcium sulphate to be a vital part of our cleansing systems, he indicated we use it to help the body mend slow-healing wounds, skin disorders, pimples, sore throats and other conditions which tend to suppurate– form yellow pus. Calc sulph offers clearing support when we need to cleanse cold and allergy symptoms if thick yellow mucus causes eye irritation, runny noses and nasal blockage. It is most suited to allergic individuals who enjoy walking in the open air, though it can help us all when indicated. Calc sulph’s symptoms are aggravated by heat and stuffy rooms.
T. F. Allen says Calc sulph applies best to those who, “desire to weep and to be miserable, alone, and unhappy.”

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Calcarea sulphurica made from calcium sulphate.

Calcium sulphuricum
Forté: Cleansing for skin, colds, congestion...
Organ Affinity: Liver, blood, bile, mucus and skin. Cleanses tissues of accumulated waste matter in the tissues. Symptoms of yellow, lumpy mucus, ear pressure, post nasal drip, dry croupy coughs; slow-healing wounds, pimples, sore throats; diarrhea, nausea; irritable discontentment.

Insights from the Experts:
“The main guiding symptom for Calc sulph is a strong tendency for suppuration often with a characteristic yellowish discharge... The discharges last for a long time with no healing or only very slow healing. There is a strong tendency for jealousy, which can take the form of sibling rivalry and may focus on love relationships..... Strong personality.”  –Roger Morrison, MD, Desktop Guide

“Desire to weep and to be miserable, alone, and unhappy.” – T. F. Allen, Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica

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