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Colds • Sinus & Ear Congestion • Acne • Minor Thrush • Indigestion • White Mucus/Discharge

Clearing congestion before white phlegm matures to yellow, saves energy and distress. Schuessler found potassium chloride to be important for breaking down white mucus and discharge (fibrin). The remedy, Kali mur, helps the body cleanse symptoms of colds, coughs and sinus congestion when troubled by white mucus, as well as thrush, pimples, blisters or eruptions with white discharge or spots. When marked with a white-coated tongue, its cleansing applications extend to symptoms of heartburn, acidity, gas, diarrhea and sick headaches. Esteemed homeopath Frans Vermeulen states that constitutionally, Kali mur has the typical Kali traits “conservative, regular, proper, down to earth,” but when out of sorts, this one can be quarrelsome with an aversion to noise and company.

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Kali muriaticum - potassium chloride

Insights from the Experts:
Little is written about Kali mur’s mental ‘constitutional’ picture but for these:
It has the “common traits of all Kali’s: conservative, regular, proper, down to earth.”
Plus, when out of sorts, “quarrelsome with members of the family. ... fury at slightest provocation” and “desire to remain silent, calm, quiet, idle and in lonely places. Aversion to noise, study, talk, company.”     –Frans Vermuelen, Prisma


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