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Colds • Sinus • Dryness • Grief & Emotional Stress • Occasional Sleeplessness • Headaches

Proven by Hahnemann and re-examined by Scheussler, this fascinating salt is credited by its link to salt, sodium chloride, the drying nature of which is both helpful and harmful. Nat mur can help our bodies resolve diverse issues usually with a connection to dryness. Its cold and congestion symptoms feel dry even with clear runny mucus that is thickening: sinus pressure, post nasal drip, hay fever, dry sore throats, cold symptoms. Its skin symptoms include:  dryness, flaky skin (dandruff), cracked lips (especially a crack in the bottom lip), minor sore spots in the mouth. Other physical symptoms may include: blinding headaches, lower backache, constipation, vaginal dryness, urinary irritation and fatigue/weariness that is worse in the morning. Emotionally, dryness becomes idiomatic with poorly circulated stress– suppressed grief, disappointments, haunting memories.  Complaints improve with fresh air and deep breathing and worsen with consolation and hormonal changes.

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Natrum muriaticum is made from sodium chloride / sea salt

Insights from the Experts:
"Deep grief and sorrow are hallmarks of the character of Nat mur.... The Nat mur personality is highly sensitive and refined. It is easy to see how such an individual could come to be wounded by life - whether by criticisms, insults, intentional rejections, or inevitable losses... These wounds are deeply felt and result in the patient placing a psychological wall around himself to avoid further pain. Thus the patient may appear closed or even hard." –Roger Morrison, MD, Desktop Guide

“Sometimes we just need salt to make green beans green beanier.” A wise homeopath used this line to describe the way a patient needing any one of the Natrum remedies responds to dosing – meaning, they just need a nudge to allow themselves to really bloom.

"Schüssler by another route reaches the conclusion: 'The action of the Sodium sulphate is contrary to that of the Sodium chloride. Both, indeed, have the faculty of attracting water, but the end is a contrary one; Nat. mur. attracts the water destined to be put to use in the organism, but Nat. sul. attracts the water formed during the retrogressive metamorphosis of the cells, and secures its elimination from the organism." J.H. Clarke, MD, Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica


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