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#1 for Fevers & Heat Stress • Throbbing Headaches • Hot Flashes • Flaring Tempers

Hot, Red and Restless! #1 first aid for heat symptoms.

Those who need Belladonna are likely struggling to cool off from minor heat exposure, minor but red-faced fevers, throbbing bursting headaches, menopausal hot flashes or anger. For cold and flu symptoms, Belladonna steps in when symptoms strike suddenly with a restless minor fever, flushed face, hot dry throat, dry cough, minor ear pain and strong chills. For pain, Belladonna specializes in throbbing symptoms often with burning sensations, including frontal/temple headaches that feel worse with light, motion, noise; red skin irritations; as well as stiff necks and low back pains due to overexertion or injury. Bella can also help symptoms of: flaring tempers; menopausal symptoms/hot flashes, menstrual pain; restless sleep and a restless desire to escape or bite.

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Belladonna (deadly nightshade) got its name from the Italian for 'beautiful ladies' as women would use its juice to dilate their pupils so their eyes would sparkle.

From the Experts:

"Angel when well, devil when sick" – Frans Vermeulen, Synoptic Materia Medica.

“Belladonna suits happy, easy-going children who become difficult and obstinate when ill, and are then prone to tantrums. The Belladonna person is in a turmoil. ... Patients tend to be angry rather than fearful although children may want to run away and hide, may hit out at those around them.”
    –Miranda Castro,
Complete Homeopathy Handbook

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