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Natural relief for hayfever’s sniffles, sneezes, sore throat and eye irritation symptoms.

Hay fever and related allergies can cause a variety of symptoms in different people. Fortunately, if they are runny, sneezy, or scratchy, with eye, nose or throat irritation symptoms, this unique combination offers effective, natural, non-drowsy relief. Whether irritants are indoors or out, its formula helps reduce symptoms of irritating or bland discharges from nose and/or eyes, minor sore throats, sinus pain, sneezing, etc., so you can breathe easier.

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It’s a cold...no, it’s hayfever...no... If symptoms include runny, sneezy or scratchy, its relief could be here. The three major hay fever complaints - eye, nose and throat irritation - are well covered in each of this combination’s three single remedy ingredients.

• Euphrasia - Relieves hot irritated eyes, dry throat and profuse nasal discharge.
• Pothos foet - Eases sneezing, runny noses and sore throat pain, especially if there is a saddle-shaped red swelling across the bridge of the nose.
• Sanguinaria - Applies best when eyes have a burning sensation and throat feel dry while the nose changes from dry and sneezy to moist with hot irritating discharge.

As these products work by stimulating or calming the body’s own efforts, they do not conflict with other medicines or forms of treatment and are safe for children and adults.
Homeopathic Ingredients: Euphrasia, Pothos foetidus, Sanguinaria

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Homeopathic Ingredients Euphrasia, Pothos foetidus, Sanguinaria
Brand 1-800 Homeopathy
Product Type Combination Remedy
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