Dyspepsia #22

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AKA Indigestion Relief, this classic formula offers quick relief for symptoms of gas, belching and indigestion.

This old fashioned title heads a reliable classic that comes complete with relief for digestive symptoms starting soon after eating, plus ongoing nausea and constipation. When rich meals or fatty desserts result in heartburn, gas, occasional sleeplessness and/or diarrhea, this comprehensive remedy works with the body’s own balancing responses to soothe these symptoms quickly. If car sickness, stress or other causes of simple nausea make you crave fresh air, there's natural relief for you, too.

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Rich foods, feasting, car sickness, slowed digestion, alcohol, stress, inactivity... Regardless of the cause, the five single remedies in this combination have applications covering a range of gastric complaints. 

• Carbo veg - Quickly relieves symptoms of gas, burping, heartburn and bloating that begin soon after eating..
• Nux vomica -   Relieves symptoms of heartburn, gas, hangover, sick headache, vomiting and constipation from fatty food, alcohol, coffee or stress.
• Calc carb - Applies best when slow digestion leads to symptoms of nausea, constipation and diarrhea.

• Hydrastis - Helps when weakened digestion causes symptoms of abdominal soreness and a loathing for anything edible. 
• Pulsatilla - Eases indigestion when rich fatty meals or car sickness result in heartburn, gas and belching, plus the headache and restless night that often follow.

When combined, these ingredients make a well-rounded remedy for fast gastric relief that will not slow digestion. 

It's a worry free options full of natural relief.

Homeopathic Ingredients: Calcarea carb, Carbo veg, Hydrastis, Nux vom, Pulsatilla

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Homeopathic Ingredients Calcarea carb, Carbo veg, Hydrastis, Nux vom, Pulsatilla
Brand 1-800 Homeopathy
Product Type Combination Remedy
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