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• Nausea • Sick Headache • Heartburn • Rattling Cough • Yellow Mucus Congestion • Joint Pain • Effects of Living in Damp Conditions • Sadness

Sodium sulphate’s cell salt has an aptitude for helping a range of digestive, respiratory, pain and emotional symptoms, especially if complaints are aggravated by dampness past or present– cold wet weather or damp places. Best known for its support of digestive organs, Nat sulph relieves diverse symptoms of nausea, sick headache, sour vomiting, heartburn, bitter belching, hiccups, colic, indigestion, painful yellowish diarrhea and a frequent need to urinate. For cold and congestion symptoms, it applies to profuse yellow mucus, rattling cough and minor humid wheezing. Following a medical evaluation by a licensed practitioner, Nat sulph can prove very beneficial when emotional changes, confusion or bursting headaches follow physical trauma. Other Nat sulph symptoms include: minor joint or back pain, esp. low back pain that extends downward, a brownish tongue coating, periodic sadness and a craving for fresh, warm, dry air. 

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Natrum sulph is made from sodium sulphate.

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"The usual Nat sulph patient is serious, responsible, closed and melancholic. The patient tends to be slightly less refined than the other Natrum remedies; more focused on business matters than on interpersonal relationships. Yet he may have great sensitivity... Some Nat sulph patients are more wild, need excitement, sexual stimulation and drugs and are more artistically inclined. Grief plays an important role in most cases as in other Natrums.
   –Roger Morrison, MD, Desktop Guide
“Sometimes we just need salt to make green beans green beanier.” A wise homeopath used this line to describe the way a patient needing any one of the Natrum remedies responds to dosing – meaning, they just need a nudge to allow themselves to really bloom.

"A liver remedy,..., where the complaints are such as are due to living in damp houses, basements, cellars. They are worse in rainy weather, water in any form. Feels every change from dry to wet; cannot even eat plants growing near water, nor fish. Always feels best in warm, dry air." Wm Boericke, Homeopathic Materia Medica

"Natrum sulph is a much honoured drug. It was discovered by Glauber in 1658 and named by him Sal Mirabile. It has been named after him Sal Glauberi. It is the chief ingredient in many mineral Spas, notably those of Carlsbad." J.H. Clarke, A Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica

"The action of the Sodium sulphate is contrary to that of the Sodium chloride. Both, indeed, have the faculty of attracting water, but the end is a contrary one; Nat mur attracts the water destined to be put to use in the organism, but Nat sul attracts the water formed during the retrogressive metamorphosis of the cells, and secures its elimination from the organism." Schüssler quotation in J.H. Clarke,  A Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica

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