Stomach Disorders in Children #179

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Eases tummy aches, nausea, diarrhea and vomiting without slowing digestion.

Candy, that extra hot dog, worry, anger, teething, nightmares.... while you may not know the cause, you’ll know how to soothe it without inhibiting digestion. Children’s tummies can be very susceptible to pain and indigestion. Hamburgers, birthday cake, candy, fruit, teething, travel, motion sickness, worry, anger and many other issues can set off discomfort. This safe, natural, effective formula provides relief for the ache as well as colicky diarrhea and vomiting without any threat of being habit forming or slowing digestion.

If symptoms persist, professional attention is highly suggested.


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With the four single remedies tummies might need when disturbed by motion sickness, colic, stress or food, this formula covers a range of children’s woes. 

• Bismuth - Aids stomachs that tend to vomit liquids easily and may cause the child to bend backward in pain.
• Borax - Helps when tummies feel too large after eating, which usually leads to loose colicky diarrhea. Borax tummies hate downward motion, so it’s great for playgrounds, theme parks and airplanes.
• Chamomilla - Among the top-ranking single remedies for children and colic, it helps when teething, anger or irritability get in the way of good digestion, especially if one cheek is red and the smelly diarrhea is greenish.
• Kali mur - Relieves tummy aches after hamburgers, cake or an extra scoop of ice cream. A white coated tongue is the best clue that this cell salt can help.

While all our digestive combinations are safe for children, it is a comfort to have one designed just for them.

Homeopathic Ingredients: Bismuth, Borax, Chamomilla, Kali mur

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Homeopathic Ingredients Bismuth, Borax, Chamomilla, Kali mur
Brand 1-800 Homeopathy
Product Type Combination Remedy
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