Traveller's Diarrhea #335

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Natural relief when dietary changes, motion sickness or travel stress cause diarrhea.

Between motion sickness, jet lag, change of diet, excesses and overall stress, travel often leads to diarrhea, constipation and nausea. Whether rich fatty foods, alcohol, coffee, stimulants, tainted food, stomach flu or constipation are part of the cause, this formula helps balance the body’s response to change and eases the discomfort and fatigue of watery or burning diarrhea.

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Because the five classic single remedies cover diarrhea from various stresses or dietary errors, it is useful at home or on the road.

• Arsenicum alb - The major stomach flu and tainted food remedy, relieves violent diarrhea marked by a burning sensation.
• Carbo veg - Offers fast relief from gas, bloating, nausea, sour belching and the diarrhea that often follows.
• Nux vomica - Relieves diarrhea resulting from stress, tainted food or consumption of excess food, alcohol, coffee or stimulants; its diarrhea may alternate with constipation.
• Pulsatilla - Relieves diarrhea related to car sickness, rich food and pork, especially useful for children’s diarrhea.
• Veratrum alb - Diarrhea is a trademark of this comprehensive single, it can be particularly helpful if ice cold drinks or constipation from doing too little cause copious diarrhea with great prostration.

Homeopathic Ingredients: Arsenicum alb, Carbo veg, Nux vom, Pulsatilla, Veratrum alb

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Homeopathic Ingredients Arsenicum alb, Carbo veg, Nux vom, Pulsatilla, Veratrum alb
Brand 1-800 Homeopathy
Product Type Combination Remedy
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