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#1 Anti-Irritation Cell Salt • Minor Fever • Colds • Fatigue • Throbbing Pain • Redness • Pale Skin • Menstrual Symptoms

Biochemist Wm. Scheussler who pioneered the cell salt remedies, advised we use Ferrum phos (iron phosphate) to help the body face many stresses, from fevers and headaches to minor joint pains and menstrual symptoms– especially if general fatigue is a common symptom.

With ‘lack of prominent symptoms’ as a key indication, this is a very friendly, and useful companion. On finding iron phosphate in blood cells and tissues, Schuessler advised we use this cell salt to relieve diverse symptoms: minor infections, frequent colds, injuries, bruising, nose bleeds, heat fatigue, low fevers, etc. Key symptoms for Ferr phos include paleness, redness, heat, throbbing or low fever especially with early stages of common colds and other minor irritations or ailments (low fever, bronchial irritation, congestions, minor joint pains, fatigue, skin eruptions, etc.). While everyone can benefit from Ferrum phos at times, it can to the most for those who catch cold easily and tend to be pale with flushed cheeks; are nervous, sensitive and/or timid. When symptoms are scarce but something is not right, it’s nice to know you can turn to this remedy for worry free support.


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Ferrum phos is made from iron phosphate
Insights from the Experts
“In constitutional cases we find both Phosphorous and Ferrum characteristics. The patient is generally thin, often with a slight flush. He is open natured, alert and has abundant ideas.”   –Roger Morrison, Desktop Guide
"Patient believes he must do his best to be allowed to study or keep his friends. Such patients do give their best and work hard. They have the feeling they must take care of their friends and siblings, defend their friends. Homesickness. Intense compassion. Hypersensitivity, sensitive to noise. Concentration is weak, forgetfulness. Discontentment, irritability. [Anxiousness] especially at night. Fears: death; thunderstorms; crowds... "
    –Almut Brandl, MD,  Homeopathy Pocket

"In Schüssler's therapy Fer. phos. takes the place filled by Acon., Bell., Gels., Vera., Arnica, and other remedies. – J. H. Clarke, Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica

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