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12 Essential Remedies in a lightweight, go anywhere kit.

12 Essential Remedies families need all packed in a lightweight go anywhere kit. Save the day, week, vacation... with this mix of singles, combinations and Arnica Bump Stick to minimize pains and ailments, speed healing and maximize life's opportunities. Strong, safe, plastic bottles make it light enough for your backpack, picnic box, gymbag, bike rack, etc. 11 bottles of 125 tablets, 8 gm ointment, descriptive insert and nylon pouch.

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12 Essential Remedies for Healthy Families
The safe healing everyone needs accessible all the time to maximize life’s opportunities and minimize its aches, pains and ailments. A tidy light nylon pouch contains 11 remedies in durable amber plastic bottles of 125 tablets, an 8 gram Bump Stick and a descriptive card with basic applications.

An Indispensable Ointment
• Arnica Bump Stick – Wipe away bruises before they form or soothe sprains and sore dry skin.

Six Essential Singles
• Aconite 6x – Relieves and speeds recovery of sudden colds, sniffles, dry cough and fevers; eases symptoms due to shock and anxiousness.
• Arnica 6x – First aid essential minimizes symptoms of bruising, pain and swelling due to accidents and injuries.
• Belladonna 6x – Fast relief for sudden hot fevers, heat exposure, throbbing headaches, redness, flushes.
• Carbo veg 6x – Fast relief from gas and heartburn, can be essential to certain cases of fatigue.
• Phosphorus 6x – Profuse minor cuts, etc, wheezing coughs, headaches, etc.
• Rhus tox 6x – Irritating rashes, stiff joint pains and pains that improve with gentle motion, cough.

Five Convenient Combinations
• Bioplasma 6x - All 12 cell salts in every tablet fights fatigue, helps recovery and balances out the blahs.
• Sleep Tissue A - Lets anxious thoughts, cramps and irritations calm so sleep can follow naturally.
• Backache #199 - Helps joints, backaches, cramps and other pains relax.
• Recovery Remedy #77 - Speeds recovery from hangovers, flu, colds, stress and fatigue.
• Cold Solutions + Zinc #399 - Comprehensive support for cold and flu symptom relief.

Replacements are available for all lightweight kits.

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Homeopathic Ingredients Aconite 6x, Arnica 6x,Belladonna 6x, Carbo Veg 6x, Phosphorus 6x, Rhus Tox 6x, Bioplasma 6x, Insomnia Tissue A, Backache/Sciatica #199, Recovery Remedy #77, Cold Solutions with Zinc #399, Arnica Bump Stick
Brand 1-800 Homeopathy
Product Type Homeopathic Kits
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