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Gas & Heartburn • Burping • Constipation • Fatigue & Convalescence

Do you ever regret eating what you ate an hour or so ago? Gassy stomachs and the accompanying indigestion, bloating, sour belching and heartburn symptoms may all find fast relief with Carbo veg. When weakened by illness or fatigue, it can help the body relieve symptoms of weariness, constipation, headaches, colds and stubborn fitful coughs. If the dominant mental state at the time is negative, irritable and indifferent, this fascinating single remedy may have the fuel to turn things around.

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Carbo veg is made from vegetable/wood charcoal.

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Carbo veg’s second and often most important work is in convalescence. “It restores the vital force in a most fundamental way,” says Roger Morrison, MD.

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