Cinchona (China)

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Fatigue • Fatigue • Recovery/Convalescence • Loss of Body Fluids • Headache • Digestion

This historical remedy made from the source that gives us quinine, provides healing relief to conditions weakened by flu, diarrhea, vomiting, stomach flu, breast feeding or injuries, i.e., conditions resulting from loss of body fluids. Related symptoms of fatigue, bursting headache, pain in joints and limbs, flatulence, indigestion or slow digestion can find natural relief in Cinchona, especially if any exertion can lead to cold sweat and weakness. In the most striking Cinchona cases, the individual becomes very irritable, despondent, sensitive to noise; does not want to be touched, and often feels worse after eating because the body’s remaining energy is taxed.

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Made from the same source as quinine, the peruvian evergreen, this remedy led to the founding of homeopathy. Homeopathy's founder, Samuel Hahnemann, was translating a medical text by Dr. William Cullen, and took objection to the claim that quinine's bitter taste made it effective for treating malaria.

Hahnemann dosed himself with quinine, and found that his symptoms mirrored the symptoms presented in many malaria cases. "I took by way of experiment, twice a day, four drachms of good China. My feet, finger ends, etc., at first became quite cold; I grew languid and drowsy; then my heart began to palpitate, and my pulse grew hard and small; intolerable anxiety, trembling, prostration throughout all my limbs; then pulsation, in the head, redness of my cheeks, thirst, and, in short, all these symptoms which are ordinarily characteristic of intermittent fever, made their appearance, one after the other, yet without the peculiar chilly, shivering rigor..."

From this and further 'provings', Hahnemann declared with certainty the fundamental principle of Homeopathy, Like Cures Like - that which can cause specific symptoms in a healthy person, can cure those symptoms in the sick or suffering. He then set out to find a dilution that would 'do no harm' and when he discovered the potent dilution, he issued homeopathy's second fundamental principle, The Minimun Dose.

 Cinchona & The Law of Similars  

The bark of the Peruvian tree is rich in quinine. As any list of side effects for this ‘conventional’ medicine will tell you, it can induce symptoms that echo the malaria epidemic that was going around in Hahnemann’s day. Applying homeopathy’s Like Cures Like principle, it means 'that which can cause debilitating gastric symptoms and dehydration due to loss of body fluids can help the body find resolve for nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, flatulence and related issues of gas, dryness, debility and joint pains' when properly prepared according to Hahnemann’s Minimum Dose Principle

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