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Colicky & Cramping Pains • Diarrhea • Menstrual Cramps • Headache • Radiating Pain

You know that constriction you feel when tasting something very bitter? That’s Colocynthis’ trademark wherever it is felt. Colocynthis is most often called on for relief of very painful, colicky pain and watery diarrhea symptoms that feel better bending over or pressing on the belly. A cutting headache, vomiting and bitter taste may accompany digestive symptoms. Similar constricting / contracting pain mark Colocynthis' use for muslce cramps, hip pain symptoms, radiating back and leg pains and painful menstural cycles. As one might expect, the emotional response is extreme irritability. Pressure (including lying on the painful side or bending double) and heat tend to relieve symptoms while eating makes them worse.

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Made from 'bitter cucumber', aka bitter apple.

From the experts:


1. Pent-up emotions, especially angerand vexation, leading to physical ailments, especially colicky pains...

2. Anger comes out with the pain..."  

– Frans Vermeulen, Synoptic Materia Medica

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