Eupatorium perf

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Restless, Chilling Achy Flu Symptoms • Minor Fever & Body Aches • Headaches

Talk about achy flus and severe colds! This remedy's source, the plant Eupatorium perf, earned its common names (boneset, feverwort, ague weed) by encouraging perspiration to purge fever symptoms or by causing nasty fevers when given in excess. Homeopathy’s safe micro doses of Eupatorium apply best to fever-filled flu or cold symptoms dominated by minor fevers, body aches, backaches, muscle aches, even achy eyes, plus vomiting, shivering chills, throbbing headaches and loose, worse-at-night, voice-stealing coughs. Except for its headaches, Eupatorium symptoms improve with perspiration and rest and are marked by restlessness and a great thirst for cold drinks and a hunger for ice cream.

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