Gelsemium semp

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Nervous Anticipation • Exam/Performance Stress • Heavy Cold & Flu • Diarrhea • Fatigue • Headaches

Does your mind go blank when asked a pointed question or put on the stage? Gelsemium might be able to intercede for you. It helps the body responses like tummy aches and mental dullness when facing performance jitters. Gelsemium can also step in when flu, restless colds, diarrhea or pressing headache symptoms include dullness, heavy fatigue and/or weighty muscular weakness. It can do the most for quiet, often low-spirited loners who dread public speaking. Their complaints often follow great excitement or disappointment, (ups or downs).

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Gelsemium semp (false jasmine)

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Gelsemium vs. Lycopodium
Which should you take when certain you are going to forget your lines, ruin your interview or flunk your test?
If your brain dulls, your stomach flutters, you tend to choke up, Gelsemium. If worry and anxious thoughts have you sweating, but you generally do well when the moment comes, Lycopodium.

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When poisoned by the roots of this plant (thinking it was the herbal Jasmine), people felt a great heavy, paralytic weakness. When applying homeopathy’s Law of Similars, doctors found the remedy treated conditions and individuals marked with that same heavy, even trembling, weariness and fatigue.
      Possibly best known for its flu relief, Gelsemium aids an achy, weak, heavy, yet somewhat restless or trembling flu that builds up gradually to great fatigue. Its flu relief includes diverse symptoms including aching fever, chills and congestion; flushed face, droopy eyelids, little thirst, a lump-in-the-throat sensation, pain from throat to ear on swallowing, a dazed, dull mind and much fatigue.
   A Gelsemium-style dull congestive headache can be so vexing with hammering, pulsating, ‘like a tight band’, occipital pain that you cannot do anything but lie still. 
     Its symptoms ‘paralyzed by fear’ are most pronounced when having to perform. If you’ve ever forgotten your lines while on stage, or blanked out on a question in an interview and stood there totally dumbfounded, you know just what this is like. If dullness of mind, upset 'butterfly' stomach or even anticipation-induced diarrhea prevail over any situation, Gelsemium can calm nervous systems to help bring out the best.
     Gelsemium’s best action is on quiet, timid, often low-spirited loners who at their worst fill with apathy and want to be left alone. They dread public speaking, exams– any kind of ordeal; fear losing control and falling; and under stress, lack physical, mental and emotional will power. Often its heavy dull disorders follow bad or disappointing news or even a spell of great excitement (ups or downs). It is often referred to as the 4 D’s remedy for Dull, Drowsy, Dopey and Dazed.

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