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Minor Burns & Burning Sensations • Sunburn & Scaldings • Urinary & Stomach Irritation

Cantharis has an uncanny ability to help the body tame the effects of minor burns, sunburns, scalds,
etc. When redness and irritation are present, it can help symptoms affecting skin, membranes,
urinary passages, throat, stomach or bowels; including diarrhea, raw sore throat, etc. FYI: Burning
symptoms deserve professional attention ASAP.

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Homeopathic Cantharis  (Spanish fly)

Insights from the Experts:

"Burning sensation, stitches, shooting pains and exudation are the indications. So the fly-blister treatment of olden days had more to say for itself than those who used it knew....
The word “irritation” best expresses the totality of the Cantharis effects."
   - Robin Murphy,  Lotus Materia Medica


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