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You know the kind of nausea that simply cannot decide whether to vomit or settle down, and even if it does vomit, the nausea doesn’t let up? Ipecac can help your stomach decide what to do and help the resulting symptoms either way.  Ipecac’s applications range from symptoms related to: nausea– empty belching, vomiting, stomach flu, morning sickness, tainted food; fitful coughs with wheezing, and sometimes minor nosebleeds; and sore nauseating headaches. With Ipecac, fresh air might help but heat, food or even the smell of food encourage trouble.
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Ipecauana (ipecac root)

From the Experts:
"The stomachic disgust of the remedy is depicted on the countenance, which expresses nausea. The corners of the mouth are drawn down. Blue rings round the eyes. Sometimes the mental state corresponds: 'Moroseness and contempt for everything, disdainful humor.' The irritability of the elders becomes in children crying and screaming."
   -Robin Murphy’s
   Lotus Materia Medica

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   While ipecac syrup is commonly used to induce vominting, its homeopathically prepared version does not induce it, but can help the body choose whether it needs to purge or end the nausea. Ipecac is a leading remedy for nausea, vomiting, morning sickness, colic and stomach flu. Ipecac’s nausea cannot seem to vomit but wants to, or is not relieved by vomiting. In stomach flu or tainted food, Ipecac can break a pattern of vomiting after everything that needed purging is eliminated. The homeopathic dose should not be used to induce vomiting after ingestion of toxins.  
      Ipecac also relieves vicious fitful, choking coughs with wheezing, rattling, fast breathing. The cough can be quite persistent. This cough is apt to be a part of a painful, chill-ridden flu with deep body aches and extreme weariness.
      Other applications include sore bruised sick headaches and green diarrhea that doesn’t respond to Chamomilla. Cases needing Ipecac are marked by nausea with empty belching, much saliva, a clean tongue, thirstlessness, constant salivation, empty belching, a preference for fresh air and the tendency to feel worse with heat, movement, after eating or just from the smell of food. If anger precedes the symptoms, give Ipecac another credit. A hard to please attitude and a tendency to catch cold easily are all part of the Ipecac picture.

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