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Anxiousness & Worry • Indecision • Cold & Sinus • Headaches • Indigestion

From nervousness and indecision to colds and digestive troubles, this remedy’s range is extensive, esp. for those who worry too much and battle with self confidence (too much and too little). Digestively, Lycopodium symptoms include bloating, acidity, gas, colic and constipation. Its colds and congestions involve yellow mucus, blocked sinuses, dry constant cough, sore throat, minor fever, headaches and/or buzzing ear congestion. It also applies to tearing joint pains and minor stiffness especially in fingers and knees. Other characteristics include fear of change, irritability, obstinacy, stage fright and exam nerves. Worried young boys with low self confidence outside the house and dominance within, often find it very beneficial. 

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Lycopodium clavatum (club moss)

From the Experts:
"If a Lycopodium child feels a sense of failure, this can play havoc with his or her ego, which is usually rather brittle or frail."   –Robin Hayfield, The Family Homeopath

"Lycopodium symptoms are predominantly right-sided, or they may start on the right and move to the left. The symptoms are always worse between 4 and 8 p.m. Despite being chilly and worse for extremes of heat and cold, these people feel generally better for fresh air." - Miranda Castro, The Complete Homeopathy Handbook

More Detailed Description:

If you visualize the prehistoric Lycopodium as a towering tree-like structure which over time has been reduced to a small evergreen shrub, you get a feel for the two-sidedness of this remedy’s personality. Its descriptions are full of seemingly contradictory terms: inflated ego & inferiority problems, tyrannous at home & timid at school, mentally sharp & physically dull, haughty & lacks confidence, driven to succeed & lacks self discipline... It has proven very helpful to children, especially boys, who are full of indecision, worry and exam/performance nerves, who generally perform perfectly when in the spotlight. They may fear failure, new things or new people and become shy and introverted, or learn to compensate by bragging, bullying and acting aggressively.
     Vermeulen states that 95% of individuals needing this remedy will have gastro-intestinal disturbances. The typical pattern it relieves is acidity that builds with a bloated, distended abdomen similar to Carbo veg’s problems, i.e., only eased by belching, flatulence and loosening clothes. Lycopodium’s relief applies best if constipated dry stool turns to runny diarrhea. Heartburn and rumblings are optional.
     Lycopodium can quickly relieve certain headaches: over-the-eyes sinus pain after a sinus blocking cold; a temple to temple pain; or an occipital headache at night. Its common cold has yellow-green lumpy mucus, blocked sinuses, a constant, worse at night cough, right-sided sore throat that may move left, and fever. This cold may trigger its humming, roaring ear noise.
     Other symptoms include: aching hemorrhoids, right sided pain, tearing joint pains and minor arthritic pains, men’s personal performance problems, skin irritation, one hot foot, occasional sleeplessness, and certain minor urinary symptoms that may seem related to back pain. Along with worry and indecision, its keynotes include slow onset of symptoms beginning on the right and moving left, a deep craving for sweets, chilliness craving fresh air, and improvement with warm food and drink. 
     Defining the healthy personalities behind all these symptoms can be challenging. With Lycopodium, you need only imagine the balance between the two sides. In cases about children being treated by Lycopodium, they often relate that the inflated ego deflates and the timidity lessens with confidence.

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