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Colds & Flu • Wheezing & Hoarseness • Fatigue & Occasional Sleeplessness • Anxiousness • Women's Health

There isn’t a cell in the body that does not need some form of Phosphorus; thus this remedy gives us a very comprehensive medicine for symptoms as varied as: the effects of anesthesia; achy cold and flu symptoms with racking violent coughs, raw sore throats, tightness in the chest and vomiting; minor nosebleeds, plus profuse periods, nervous fatigue, occasional sleeplessness and singers’ hoarseness. It can be most useful to fair-skinned, energetic worriers who often over-extend themselves and need regular food and rest. Whether it's the lack of rest or just nature, they typical Phosphorus doesn't just get the sniffles, they cough and wheeze; he doesn't just grow he shoots up; she doesn't just worry, she frets herself until she goes insensitive and indifferent.

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Phosphorus (white phosphorus)

From the Experts:
“The Phosphorus child: They make friends quickly and easily, and they are open and honest about their problems and opinions.... These children require much attention and feedback from others, or they can become lonely and without an aim or focus.”   –Robin Hayfield, The Family Homeopath

Physiology: Phosphorus & The Phosphates

The University of  Maryland’s Medical Center’s evaluation of phosphorus tells us that all body cells contain  phosphorus primarily in the form of phosphates. Phosphate compounds are essential to pH balance regulation, the production of energy and, combined with Calcium, growth and strength.
I.e., Scheussler got it right when he defined these five as essential to our well being.

The 5 Phosphoric Cell Salts
Phosphorus combines with critical minerals in our cells– calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium and sodium. That’s why the five cell salt remedies we make from these compounds are so vital:
Calc phos - growth & repair. CAPH
Ferrum phos - fever, weakness. FEPH
Kali phos - pain & repair. KAPH
Mag phos - cramp/spasm. MGPH
Nat phos - acidity. NAPH
Tissue E Tonic has them all. TISE

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