Ignatia amara

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Emotional Strain • Grief • Occasional Sleeplessness • Colds • Nausea • Sighing • Headache

When in the throes of emotional turmoil– grief, anger, homesicknes, fear or worry, Ignatia can help the body and mind find clarity and lessen the wearying waves of pain and confusion. Changeable moods (sighs, sobs and silent brooding) often find it a steadying companion. Physically, the emotions manifest as a lump-in-the-throat sensation, a need to sigh frequently and a sinking-in-the-stomach feeling. As the body wearies under the strain, Ignatia helps ease a wide range of symptoms including: colds, a chilling fever, indigestion with hiccups, cramps, sadness and occasional sleeplessness. Symptoms tend to be erratic, improve with eating and worsen with stress, coffee and cold air. Constitutionally, Ignatia does the most for nervous, easily excited individuals.  

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Ignatia amara (St. Ignatius' bean)

Insights from the Experts:

“Ignatia is valuable at all stages in life, for sensitive children who have developed sore throats or a tummy-ache or insomnia after being punished or severely frightened or if homesick; for teenagers who brood and pine after being ditched by a ‘loved one’; for men and women at all ages and in all walks of life who have suffered inwardly and become introspective and moody ... suffering from ill health as a result.”
    –Miranda Castro, The Complete Homeopathy Handbook


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