Luyties Homeopathic

L is for Luyties

L010, L033, L199…
The L in our combination codes stand for the Drs Luyties who designed them and the Luyties Pharmacal Company whose nickname, 1-800-HOMEOPATHY, has become our trademark.

Luyties HomeopathicAugust LuytiesIn his effort to empower his own patients to treat their acute pains and ailments, St. Louis based Dr. Herman Luyties became one of the first to cultivate homeopathic combinations. As the popularity of these simple remedies grew, his laboratory became a pharmacy servicing families and doctors moving west past the Mississippi. 

When Herman’s son, August Luyties, became a physician, he traveled to Germany to work with Dr. Scheussler on finding the best resources for the twelve biochemic cell salts. On his return, August Luyties established the cell salt combinations that we make today.

In short, 1-800-HOMEOPATHY is Luyties Pharmacal Company and has been delivering quality homeopathic remedies since 1853. Every product we make carries Luyties’ 157 years of experience and dedication.

Now known as Anxious / Low Spirits #304
Our records show that today’s bestselling stress remedy is one of Dr. Herman Luyties’ first combinations, granted his son August Luyties seems to have added the cell salt Kali phos and Passiflora.

Dr. August Luyties designed the Tissue combinations
August Luyties added the cell salts to many of his father’s remedies and gave us another all time bestseller made with the five phosphate cell salts - Tissue E Tonic.

Making homeopathy’s extensive healing potential accessible to everyone has been our tradition since Dr. Luyties, established his pharmacy, Luyties Pharmacal Co. in 1853.
Our combination remedies, fundamental single remedies, and biochemic cell salt remedies make using homeopathy a simple step toward a healthier lifestyle.

Over 150 Years of Quality & Care in Every Remedy