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Be more than just calm on the surface.

This all natural, non-sedative, non-habit forming medicine offers temporary relief of nervous tension and occasional sleeplessness. Hyland’s Calms Tablets provide needed relief to symptoms related to nervousness, nervous fatigue, and stress. This special formula combines some of homeopathy’s most calming, sleep-encouraging ingredients.

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Hyland's formula is a combination of four classic botanicals long recognized by the homeopathic medical profession to soothe and quiet irritated nervous systems and edginess.

Indications for Use: Temporary symptomatic treatment for relief of simple nervous tension and occasional sleeplessness.

Avena Sativa 1X – Double Strength HPUS - for nervous fatigue and stress, it also favourably influences nutritive function of the nervous system

Chamomilla 2X HPUS - for nervous irritability, contrariness

Humulus Lupulus 1X – Double Strength HPUS - for drowsiness with incomplete sleep

Passiflora 1X – Triple Strength - for restless or wakeful sleep from fatigue and has a quieting effect on the nervous system

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Homeopathic Ingredients Passiflora , Avena Sativa , Humulus Lupulus , Chamomilla
Brand Hyland's
Product Type Combination Remedy
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