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Too excited, happy, sad or tired to sleep? Not with this classic nearby.

Some nights the mind is too worried or excited, other nights the body is too restless or over-stimulated, worst of all, mind and body are too tired to make any sense of it at all. Sleep requires mental and physical compliance. Chemically inducing sleep does not exactly create harmony, as the groggy side effects often imply. When our signals are crossed, this formula has an uncanny ability to help the mind and body find accord and sleep– without groggy or habit forming side effects. A simple plan: take a few #173 tablets and a few deep breaths, remember that there’s plenty of time to worry tomorrow, and enjoy your dreams.

FYI: If leg cramps threaten to steal your dreams, you might add a little Mag phos.

How it works:
Avena sativa 
The oat remedy soothes the agitated who are physically or mentally too tired to sleep.
Its name means passion but its calming effects bring peaceful sleep to the excited, worried, overworked, restless and simply wakeful souls who need it.
Kali phos 
Helps drained, weary, irritable, restless and/or sad dispositions find dreams.

89% of 100

Nature's solution #173 is not a sedative, not addictive and safe for kids and adults alike.
Homeopathic Ingredients: Avena sat, Kali phos, Passiflora

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Homeopathic Ingredients Avena sat, Kali phos, Passiflora
Brand 1-800 Homeopathy
Product Type Combination Remedy
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