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#1 for Stress Symptoms • Headaches & Backaches • Occasional Sleeplessness • Colds, Flus, Hangovers • Vomiting & Gas • Restless Irritability

Stress and excesses (work, food, stimulants...) tend to lower vitality, increase susceptibility, and lead to the many symptoms this single can treat. In the emotional department, Nux relieves occasional sleeplessness (waking at 3am or when ideas prevent sleep), irritability, restlessness, hypersensitive responses and an angry temper. Keeping an aggravated state from becoming angry or violent is a Nux trademark especially in nervous people who become mentally strained with work and worries. For pain, it specializes in: tearing, pressing headaches; stiff necks and cutting, stitching low back pains (worse lying in bed). For restless cold or flu cases, its use is marked by symptoms of extreme chilliness, hacking cough, fatigue and headache. For digestion, Nux helps symptoms of heartburn, gas, constipation and vomiting whether due to stress, dietary errors, alcohol or hangovers. For women it can help with irregular menstrual pains and related headaches (worse in the afternoon) and lower back pains. Symptoms worsen in the morning, after eating, with stimulants or cold dry weather; and improve with napping and in damp weather.

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Nux vom is made from the seeds of an evergreen known as Poison Nut or Quaker Buttons.

From the Experts:
In The Complete Homeopathy Handbook, Miranda Castro describes Nux vomica children as full of contradictions: “They can be spiteful, stubborn and irritable on the one hand, and extremely sensitive and very easily offended on the other. As they grow up they become difficult and easily morose if things are not going their way.”
   In Desktop Guide, Roger Morrison adds: “At school age, the child is extremely competitive about his grades and sports. He is a terrible loser. ... Jealousy of his other siblings or toward other gifted children at school is often a problem... Many Nux children exhibit strong fears, especially fear of the dark.”

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