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Stinging Pains & Irritations with Burning Sensations • Insect Bites & Stings • Minor Swelling in Joints • Sore Throat • Minor Urinary Irritation

For all the irritations their stings can cause, honey bees give us an ideal remedy for relieving a range of irritating symptoms even if not at all related to a bee sting. These include swollen/puffy skin irritations with burning, stinging sensations, whether caused by bees, common hives, or other irritants; minor swelling of skin or joints; irritated membrane symptoms including sore throats, minor eye irritations and minor stinging urinary pain. If redness, hot stinging pains and better for applied cold define the symptoms, you might want to read up on this treasure.

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Apis mellifica made from honey bee venom.

Insights from the Experts:
“The bee’s behaviour gives us some clues to the emotional symptoms of the homeopathic remedy. It is an incredibly restless insect, and is extremely irritable, reacting instantly and angrily to any interference from the outside.”
   –Miranda Castro,
   Complete Homeopathy Handbook

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