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#1 for Sprains & Repeat Injury Effects • Eyestrain • Backache • Wrist Pain • Cartilage & Tendons

Next time you sprain or strain your ankle, wrist, back or even eyes, ease your symptoms with this classic and your tendons will thank you. Effects of sprains, bruises and any complaint involving cartilage, tendons, etc., can benefit from this remedy’s healing, stabilizing support. It is also invaluable for eye strain headaches, lower back and leg pain, plus symptoms due to repetitive use injuries including weakened joints, tennis elbow, trick knee and carpal tunnel. Sore aching with restlessness, is typically Ruta. In general, Ruta’s pains improve with warmth and worsen with cold, dampness and wind. In short, Ruta is a must in the kit of every athlete, dancer, typist, waitress, computer viewer, walker, stumbler, etc.

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Ruta graveolens (rue)

Insights from the Experts:
Dr. Asa Hershoff’s Knee repair formula:
A general regimen for the knee, which rarely fails in even the most stubborn knee problems:
Ruta [6x] morning and night, with the tissue salts, Calc fluor 6x, Silica 6x and Calc phos 6x, taken together, three times daily (apart from the Ruta). After one month, the Ruta can be increased to the [12x] strength, twice daily. Later, Ruta 30c or 30x can be used once daily.          - Asa Hershoff, Homeopathic Remedies

    Ruta’s mental picture is not a prominent part of its applications, but is recorded as “dissatisfied with himself and others...suspicious, fretful” (Murphy’s Lotus Materia Medica) while others include anger, anxiety and resentment.

An extra bonus to athletes: You will never fail a drug test for using homeopathy. 100% safe, non habit forming, without side effects or contraindications with other meds.

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